Modern DIY Yarn Ring Wall Art Hanging

Use simple materials to create a modern design of an easy DIY yarn ring, wall art hanging!

It’s a great way to fill space on a blank wall and add a pop of color and sophistication to your home decor.

- 7” Embroidery hoops - Bulky/chunky yarn - Scissors - Pencil - T-square or ruler - Double sided adhesive tape - Hot glue gun - Wall hanging strips - Wall/floor laser level 

How To Make Yarn Ring Wall Art Materials List

Step 1. Mark The Halfway Point On The Embroidery Hoop Use a pencil and a T-square to mark the halfway point on each side of the circle. I just drew a cross on my table & then measured the ring to make sure it was centered.

Tutorial Steps:

Step 2. Wrap The Yarn Around The Middle Of The Ring Heat the glue gun and add a dab of glue to the inside of one of the halfway lines.

Step 3. Finish Wrapping The Sides As you proceed down the hoop and it curves inward more, the yarn will slide slightly on the sides.

Step 4. Secure The End Of The Yarn Ring Once you get to the end of the tape, add hot glue to cover the bottom of the ring lightly. Then wrap the yarn into an oval shape to close the opening and press it to the glue. 

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