How to Make A Cute Owl Rock Painting

I’m excited to bring you this easy owl rock painting tutorial. So far, this has been my favorite.

To the date of writing this, I have painted a frog rock and flowers on rocks. The owl was probably the easiest for a couple of reasons.

- River Rocks - Pencil - Acrylic Paint Pens - Top Coat Clear Spray

How To Make An Owl Rock Painting Materials List

How To Make An Owl Rock Painting Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Draw The Owl’s Body Parts Onto The Rock First, draw the owl’s body parts on the rock.

Step 2. Paint The Owl’s Wings While painting, I recommend keeping the paint more on the inside of the shape rather than fully extending the color to your outlines.

Step 3. Paint The Mid Section Fill in the mid-section, but leave room near the wings. The reason is that you can see better if your wings are symmetrical or need more shaping.

Step 4. Paint The Owl’s Facial Disk Area Add the next color to the facial disk area that surrounds the eyes. Remember to leave space for the owl’s beak.

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