35 Perfect Climbing Plants for a Trellis

Vertical gardening is a fun and innovative way to grow plants. From climbing flowers to vining vegetables, these plants for a trellis are fantastic options.

Trellis plants are climbing plants that use a support structure to grow, which can be anything from a plant stake to an arbor.

Flowering Vine Plants For Trellis

Trumpet Vine | Campsis radicans

The trumpet-shaped flowers have a yellow throat, and their color turns from orange to red. Not only are they beautiful, but butterflies and bees also love them.

Sweet Pea | Lathyrus odoratus

A fragrant climbing plant that is great for trellises. They’re easy to grow and produce cute flowers, but they prefer spring and fall with cooler temperatures.

Morning Glory | Ipomoea

Morning glories grow very tall, and its trailing flowers are perfect for large structures like arbors and arches. 

Black-eyed Susan Vine | Thunbergia alata

The cheerful blooms can be yellow, white, apricot, or pink. It does well climbing a trellis but can also grow well in pots or hanging baskets.

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