DIY Privacy Screen with Ikea Twigs

Have you thought about making a DIY privacy screen? You can easily make your patio or porch more private with a pretty outdoor screen made with twigs and fairy lights.

If you’re in need of a balcony privacy screen, this is a great option for that. It’s lightweight and transportable if you need to get it up a floor or two.

- 6″x 6″ Pine Beam - Dried Twigs - Polyurethane Spray - 3″ Wood Exterior Screws

DIY Privacy Fence Materials List

DIY Privacy Screen Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Protect The Twigs From The Elements Lay the twigs onto a plastic drop cloth and spread them out. Spray the Torka branches with the polyurethane all on one side.

Step 2. Make The Privacy Screen Legs Get the cement mix together and mix it up to the consistency of mud pie, using your gloved hands. Wait about 10–15 minutes, then push the head of a screw into each container.

Step 3. Drill The Holes For The Feet Drill a pilot hole that fits the width of the screws in the concrete feet. Make sure you will be able to screw in your legs without hitting the one next to it.

Step 4. Organize The Ikea Twigs By Size To prepare for drilling the holes, you’ll need to group them by the size of the base of the stem. Separate them into large, medium, and small piles.

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