Best Privacy Trees For a Small Backyard

There are many reasons why you might want to own your home. One of which is the alluring benefit of privacy.

But what’s the solution when you move into your brand new house and realize your yard doesn’t offer nearly as much privacy as you anticipated? Trees, and lots of them! 

18 Best Privacy Trees For A Small Backyard

Japanese Maple

Japanese maples are fairly small trees that are a good choice for privacy in a small yard. Even better, these trees are stunning to look at in the fall.

Burkwood Viburnum

The blooms are paired with lustrous, dark green foliage. It is well-suited as a hedge, screen, or accent plant and its mature height is perfect for a small yard. 

Leyland Cypress

A very popular choice for privacy. It is a stunning,  fast-growing evergreen tree that forms a pyramidal shape and has been known to reach 50 feet in just 15 years.

Florida Anise Tree

It is known for being fairly low-maintenance and tolerates heavy shade, erosion, and wet planting sites. However, it is not cold hardy and is not drought tolerant. 

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