The 12 Best Ideas For Basement Flooring Over Concrete

When it’s time to upgrade your basement flooring, there are many good options to choose from that are DIY-friendly and can be installed over concrete.

Read on to get the facts on basement flooring and a list of amazing ideas you can do yourself.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an excellent option for high-traffic areas. It looks like hardwood floors without the high cost and better durability.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Wall-to-wall carpeting may not be the best option if it’s a room with potential moisture problems, but carpet tiles are.

Carpet Tiles

Rubber Flooring One of the best benefits of rubber flooring, aside from the softness under your feet, is that they work well with a non-smooth or uneven floor.

Peel And Stick Vinyl Planks Or Tiles These look similar to luxury vinyl plank flooring, but you install them using adhesive tape.

Laminate They have an authentic look of wood, much like vinyl plank, but typically come at a slightly lower price.

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