How To Transplant Moss & Expand It In Your Yard

Moss is a magical ground cover loaded with benefits. And if you already have some moss in your yard, love the look and feel of a lush moss carpet, and want a yard with less maintenance, then you’re in luck.

You can easily transplant moss in your yard to expand its growth. Not everyone’s yard is suited for a moss lawn, but it can be a great choice for accent areas like rock gardens.

- Square-headed Shovel - 4-prong Cultivator - Wheelbarrow - Leaf Blower

Transplant Moss in Your Yard Materials List

Transplanting Moss Within Your Yard  Step By Step Tutorial 

Step 1. Remove The Moss From Its Current Location Just lift it like you would with sod. You only need to separate the soil about 1″ below the moss.

Step 2. Prep The Soil For Freshly Transplanted Moss Remove all the weeds from the area where you are transferring the moss. Once you have weeded the area, use a leaf blower to blow away any debris.

Step 3. Slightly Roughen The Surface Of The Soil Use a cultivator to lightly scratch lines across the surface of the soil. The reason for doing this is that it will allow for better adhesion.

Step 4. Lay The Moss Lay the moss sheets on top of the prepared soil. You can lay these with gaps in between so the moss can fill in over time.

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