Why Native Plants Are Important

Native gardening benefits both humans and other animals. Plants and animals evolved together, so they “know” each other. They’ll always choose the “right” dance partner.

And, for the beginning gardener the good news is, native plants require much less care than non-native plants.

Benefits Of Native Plants

Native species and plantings give us a sense of place and belonging, because they are from here. They are as familiar as the people you grew up with.

Why Non-Native Species Are A Problem

Because many non-natives are invasive plants, this means that they take over an area and prevent native plants from growing there.

Which Native Plants Provide The Most Benefits?

Trees Native trees offer shade, which can reduce cooling costs in our warming climate. They also host numerous animal species.


If you are interested in flowers to attract butterflies, insects, birds and other wildlife, even a small 6’x6’ bed would be a great start with the right native plant choices.

Ground Covers

A good native ground cover helps prevent water evaporation from your plants and provides shelter and moist soil for many animals that are eaten by local birds.

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