21 Unique Rock Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

There are many rock landscaping ideas that you can use to create beautiful areas of your yard that are less suitable for traditional gardens.

It’s the perfect way to improve curb appeal and solve problems with soil erosion, poor drainage and sandy soil at the same time.

Check out this great idea for making a gorgeous dry river bed using river stones. 

Landscaping a Dry Creek Bed

image credit: birdzofafeather

If you suffer from wet ground and soil erosion, then a gravel garden can be a fantastic solution to your problem.

DIY Gravel Garden: Easy & Low Maintenance

How to Make a Flagstone Walkway in Your Lawn You can make an awesome flagstone path right on top of dirt! Just remove any weeds or sod first.

Easy DIY Outdoor Stone Steps for Your Yard You’ll Love If you have a challenging landscape with steeper grading then rock stairs just may be the perfect solution.

image credit: 2thesunnyside

Dry Rock Creek Landscaping The dry creek bed turned out fantastic with the large river rocks, mixed with smaller ones.

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