DIY Concrete Rock Solar Light

There’s nothing more beautiful and welcoming than a warmly lit path, or garden. And concrete rock solar lights are perfect because during the day, the unsightly black lights are disguised.

Solar lights are an excellent choice for DIY’ers because they are both easy to install and low-cost to purchase and to run.

- Rapid set cement - Disposable bowl - Disposable cup - Durable nitrile gloves - Safety glasses - Safety mask - Blue tape - Packing tape - Scissors

Materials For How To Make A Concrete Rock Solar Light

Step 1. Prepare The Solar Light Shell First, lay the kitchen bag on your work surface to act as a tablecloth. Take the solar light & turn the switch on the back to the on position & let the solar light charge in the sun for a full day.

Tutorial Steps:

After it’s charged, turn the switch off. Protect the solar light by sticking blue tape to the face of the solar panel, and don’t go past the sides. Then place packing tape on the backside.

Take another piece of packing tape and wrap it around the solar light. The light should be face down. This will create a collar around it.

Now add damp sand to the inside of the collar. The reason for this is so that when you add cement on top in a later step, it doesn’t get on top of the light. 

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