DIY Flower Painted Rocks - Easy Tutorial

What I love about this fun activity is that anyone of any age can do it, and they make great gifts. And the best part is that it only requires a few simple supplies.

Tips for Painting Rocks

The best type of rocks to use for painting: You’ll need smooth rocks. Specifically for flower rocks, the ideal rocks will be flat and round.

Materials For How To Make Easy Flower Painted Rocks

– Large river rocks – Pencil – Oil pens– multiple colors, fine point – Oil pen– white, extra fine point – Clear top coat spray

Tutorial Steps For How To Make Flower Painted Rocks

Step 1. Wash The River Rocks

Rinse the rocks in a bin with a garden hose and then dry them with a cloth or paper towels. They need to be completely dry before you begin painting them.

Step 2. Sketch The Flower Painted Rocks Designs

You’ll need to figure out spatially which flower design shape will fit best on which stone. I’m sure yours are a different size or shape than mine.

Start near the petals’ outer edges and work your way around.

Step 3. Paint The Flowers Onto Your Rocks

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