DIY Gravel Garden: Easy & Low Maintenance!

If you have an outdoor space with a sunny spot, then you may have the perfect environment for having your own gravel garden.

Gravel beds are a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining a garden.

How to Create a Gravel Garden List of Materials

– Gravel – Square point shovel – Bow rake – Edging – Wood stakes – Rubber mallet

Tutorial Steps for How to Make a DIY Gravel Garden

Step 1. Create The Gravel Garden Design

The first step is to create a focal point or multiple focal points. This can be a tree, group of shrubs, large boulders, garden art or even a water feature.

Step 2. Prep The Area For The Gravel Garden

Good soil preparation is the first step. To start, you’ll need to remove all the weeds and vegetation.

The garden will need 4-5 inches of gravel. First, add the stakes to the garden or gravel path area. I used 6 stakes for marked.

Step 3. Add The Gravel

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