DIY Wine Bottle Lights with Pretty Cement Bases

Illuminate your outdoor space with DIY wine bottle lights that are solar. Use them to create a beautifully lit patio, path or garden. 

DIY Wine Bottle Lights are an easy way to liven up your outdoor space. It amazes me how much of a difference lighting makes in any space, especially outdoor lighting.

- Cement - Disposable bowl - Disposable cup - Durable nitrile gloves - Safety glasses - Safety mask - X-acto or craft knife - Box cutter - Wine bottles - Concrete pigment

Materials For DIY Wine Bottle Lights

Step 1. Charge The Solar Wine Bottle Lights Take all your solar bottle fairy lights, and place them in the sunlight for a day. You’ll see a black switch on the side that says on/off.

Tutorial Steps:

Step 2. Remove The Wine Bottle Label Use a heat gun on the high setting & run it over the label, sweeping the gun back & forth. Within about 30 seconds, you should be able to lift the label away from the bottle.

Step 3. Trim The Materials For The Cement Molds Measure four strips at 3” x 14”. These proportions are assuming you are using a wine bottle that is a standard 750ml size.

Step 4. Create The Cement Collar Molds With the X-acto, cut out a piece of acetate that is a little larger than the 14×12 aluminum piece.

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