Easy, DIY Stamped Concrete Pavers For Cheap!

DIY stamped concrete pavers are an easy way to improve your outdoor space, and for cheap!

Forget the expensive rubber molds, because with this patio idea, you can make your own for a few dollars–and have full flexibility in the design.

How To Make Stamped Concrete Pavers For Cheap

– Rapid set concrete – Large mixing bin – Garden hand spade – Finishing trowel – Durable nitrile gloves – Safety glasses

Step By Step Guide For How To Make Stamped Concrete Pavers

Step 1. Cut The Boards For The Stamped Pavers Mold

Use a table saw to cut the 48×24” board into the following pieces: (1) 32×3” (2) 32×3” (2) 6×3”

Step 2. Pre-drill the Screw Holes

The screw holes must be pre-drilled because the melamine will crack if you don’t.

I recommend tracing the edges on the base piece first so that you know where to drill and you don’t end up drilling too close to the edges.

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