Easy Ribbed Air Dry Clay Planter

Make A Lightweight Ribbed Air Dry Clay Planter. Easy To Ship – Makes The Perfect Gift! 

This handmade clay planter makes such a great gift. What’s especially amazing about it, is that it’s very lightweight –so you can ship it to someone without paying a premium because of weight. 

- Safety glasses - Safety mask - Air dry clay - Clay roller or rolling pin - Textured/ribbed plastic shelf liner - Rigid plastic bottle - Plastic bottle - Scissors - Ruler

Materials For A Ribbed Air Dry Clay Planter

Step 1. Knead And Roll Out The Air Dry Clay Knead the clay to warm it up before rolling it out. It’s easier to knead if you do it in smaller pieces.  

Tutorial Steps:

Step 2. Wrap The Clay Around The Bottle Lay the bottle onto the air dry clay and line up the clay with the bottom so it is even.

Step 3. Join The Air Dry Clay Planter Sides Once the clay is wrapped, the two ends should meet. Roll up a very thin piece of clay between your hands that is about the thickness of a toothpick.

Step 4: Trim The Air Dry Clay Planter Top And Bottom Edges If you weren’t able to trim the size of the rolled out clay perfectly, go ahead & trim it to clean up the top & bottom edges so they are even.

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