Why Your Concrete Pots Crack (And The Fix!)

Do your DIY concrete planter pots keep cracking? There are 5 reasons why that can happen, and how you can prevent it!

Cracking is typically the biggest issue when making anything with concrete and cement.

5 Reasons Your Cement Pots Are Cracking

Reason 1. Cracking Caused From Too Much Moisture

The first and most common reason your concrete planter pot cracked is because the mix contained too much water.

Reason 2. Climate Conditions During Curing Causes Cracking In Concrete Pots

You can end up with cracking if the weather conditions are windy or very dry when your concrete pot is curing.

Reason 3. The Type Of Mix Used Caused Deep Cracks Or Completely Broken Pieces.

It’s important to choose the right mix for your project.

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