Wine Bottle Wall Vase Decor

Make A Beautiful Blue Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Vase For Your Home.

Grab your bottle of wine! How to make a wall vase from a wine bottle. An easy tutorial on how to make this fabulous decor for your home.

- Wine bottle - Hanging hardware - Reclaimed wood - Hot glue gun - Copper split ring tubing hanger - Ceiling plate- copper - threaded Rod- steel or zinc 

Materials For Making Wine Bottle Wall Decor

Step 1: Remove the wine labels first. They might need to soak for 24 hours since some types of labels come off much more easily than others.

Wine Bottle Wine Vase Decor Tutorial Steps

Step 2: Trim The Pallet Wood To Size Using a miter saw or hack saw, cut the wood “backplate” to size if needed to 5 1/4″ x 19″.

Step 3: Sand the wood. Stain, if you would like (I kept mine natural). Hint: If you use reclaimed wood and you trim it to size, your edges will be a different color.

Step 4: Paint The Hanging Hardware Lightly spray paint the ceiling plate, collar and threaded rod. To make painting the rod easier, stick the rod in the ground, and spray the top 3 or 4 inches. 

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