Carve a Foam Pumpkin Using a Carving Pattern

Carve a foam pumpkin to have a stunning Halloween Jack O’Lantern that will last!

A real pumpkin may only last a couple of weeks or less. With a carvable foam pumpkin, you can start your design months ahead.

How To Carve A Foam Pumpkin Materials List

– Printer – Regular white paper – Ballpoint Pen – Thumbtack – Blue Tape – Heat tool/knife

How To Carve A Foam Pumpkin Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Prep And Print The Pumpkin Template

The first thing you’ll need to do is to print a rough draft of the pumpkin pattern template.

Step 2. Tape The Pattern And Trace The Outlines

To do this, use a thumbtack and push it in and out of the paper and foam along the lines of the shaded area.

Heat the hot knife tool and be sure it’s fully heated for the best performance.

Step 3. Carve The Foam Pumpkin

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