Carve A Mini Pumpkin Cat For Halloween

Carving the surface is easier than cutting straight through because a mini pumpkin is quite small and so is the stencil.

With the small stencil, you’ll have some lines so close together that you’ll risk cutting through them and pieces falling off–like an eye, a paw or a whisker.

Tools For Mini Pumpkin Carving A Cat

– Mini pumpkin stencil of your choice – Ballpoint pen – Blue tape – Linoleum cutter set – Serrated knife

How To Carve A Mini Pumpkin Of A Cat Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Trace The Image Of The Stencil Onto The Pumpkin

It will make it easier to maneuver the pumpkin while you are etching, if you wait until after.

Step 2. Carve The Outlines On The Pumpkin

Use one of those narrow cutters and carefully trace the outlines of the drawn image.

Use the serrated kitchen knife to cut the hole. I couldn’t use a serrated knife, but usually the serrated one makes the job easier.

Step 3.  Remove The Pulp From Inside The Pumpkin

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