Cinder Block Planters

A Cinder Block Planter Sculpture! Paint and stack cinder blocks, then add plants to make a fantastic vertical planter wall.

I have a bunch of plants and not enough room on my deck for all of them, so I decided to make a set of vertical cinder block planters, or planter sculpture.

Materials For Making DIY Cinder Block Planters

– Cinder Blocks – Work gloves – Landscape fabric- woven – Scissors – Tin Snips – Mesh wire

Cinder Block Planters Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Design The Layout

First, set up your cinder blocks in the arrangement you want your final planter layout to be- make sure to take a photo of your layout!

Step 2. Clean The Cinder Blocks

The blocks need to be washed. You can spray off most of the dust with a hose, but you will need to spot wash, using the nylon scrub brush where you see dirt.

Step 3. Prime The Cinder Block Planters

For priming, make sure the blocks are completely dry otherwise, the paint will peel off from the moisture leftover in the blocks.

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