DIY Concrete Butterfly Puddler: Attract Butterflies!

Make a DIY concrete butterfly puddling station! Attract butterflies to your garden with a watering station for butterflies.

For now here’s a good way to add some garden art to your yard and get started attracting butterflies to your garden. Puddles!

Materials For A DIY Concrete Butterfly Puddler

– Rapid set cement – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup – Durable nitrile gloves – Safety glasses

Tutorial Steps For Making A DIY Concrete Butterfly Puddling Station

Step 1. Build Up The Depth Of The Tray

Add play sand to a bucket and then add some water so that the sand is damp.

Step 2. Mix The Cement And Cast And Mold The Puddling Station

Mix the cement to a thick brownie batter consistency. This needs to be spreadable but not too runny.

Place the mixture on top of the sand and start spreading it over the mound. Continue adding more mixture and spreading.

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