How To Build A Concrete Paver Patio: In Your Backyard

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space And Spend More Time Entertaining With Friends!

If you’re looking to build a concrete paver patio at home, these step-by-step instructions will help you do just that.

Materials For Making Your Concrete Paver Patio

– 16×16 Square pavers  – 8×16 rectangular pavers – 4” of base layer material – ¾” of top layer/leveling material

Project specific supplies:

How To Build A Concrete Paver Patio Step-By-Step

Step 1. Prep The Patio Paver Area

The prep involved will depend on your area, but basically, you will need to use a shovel to dig down at least 6” into the soil. 

Step 2. Level The Ground For Your Paver Stones

Take the four stakes and hit them into the ground 12” outside of your patio area using the rubber mallet.

Step 3. Measure Slope To Allow For Patio Drainage

So that your concrete paver patio drains away from your house, you’ll need to account for the slope of the space.

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