How to Make a Concrete Gnome (Step by Step)

Gnomes are such fun garden ornaments and did you know you can easily make your own? You can make a concrete gnome garden ornament using a nylon stocking or sock.

Materials For Making A Concrete Girl Gnome

– Portland cement – Play sand (about 2 cups) – Disposable bowl – Disposable cup – Durable nitrile gloves

Tutorial Steps For Making A Concrete Gnome Girl

Step 1. Prepare The Hair And Hat For The Concrete Gnome

Start by cutting 6 pieces of jute at about 7” long, then take each piece and unravel it.

Step 2. Make The Gnome’s Body

Place the trouser sock over the tall container so it acts as a sleeve holder. The toe seam will be at the bottom and the sock is open at the top.

Mix the cement at a 1:1 ratio of cement to sand. The body will take about 2-2 ½ cups of each.

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