Make a Silicone Mold For a Cement Planter (From an Object)

How to make a concrete mold using silicone. Cast an existing object to make a cement planter. You can make a silicone mold to cast a concrete planter.

It can be a challenge to think about how to make your own silicone mold for a cement planter- or for anything, because you have to think of the positive and negative space in reverse.

- Silicone - Cement - Corrugated Plastic    Board


Step 1. Trim The Plastic Board For The Box To make the box for silicone mold, cut the corrugated plastic board to size, using a craft or X-acto knife.

Tutorial Steps:

I then added ½” to each side measurement, as well as the top. So with the ½ added, I added up the length of each side, which became 14”. Then I marked each of the sides at 3 ½”.

Next, cut out the piece of the board and then score the sides where the walls will be folded. To do this, cut through only the front side of the board, and leave the backside intact. 

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