Cement Tealight Candle Holders


Super easy tealight holders made with cement, using plastic wrap to form them.

I have gotten away from having candles in my home over the years because I get chronic migraine headaches and the smell of scented candles will give me a migraine almost instantly. I know there are unscented ones around, but somehow I just stopped buying them. Well lately we have had a record amount of snow and thunderstorms, and we have lost power on probably 40 occasions in a year’s time -and many times for 48 hour periods. We live in the woods, so any amount of weather seems to take a tree down.

Although we have all kinds of battery operated lanterns, I really wanted some candles too -just something small to light a few areas. So I bought some tealight candles, but needed something to put them on and didn’t want to have to buy more decorations. I saw concrete holders like these floating around the internet, but they were all square, and so I thought I would try to make round ones. So far it’s been the easiest concrete/cement project I’ve made.

If you like this project, you may also like the tutorial for the round cement candles I made.

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 Difficulty level- Easy


  • Cement All, Rapid Set
  • Latex/nitrile gloves– lots of them
  • Plastic cup (for scooping cement)
  • Disposable measuring cup
  • Disposable mixing bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rubber bands –small (if you have them)
  • Tealight candles
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Gallon Mason jar lid (just the metal ring)

Cement Tealight Holder Tutorial Steps

Step 1 | Mix The Cement:

Mix the cement so that it is the consistency of soft, pliable dough.

Satge of tealight cement candle holder tutorial

steps in making of cement tealight holders

Step 2 | Press Into Mould:

Scoop a small amount onto plastic wrap and gather up into a ball- make it a little smaller than a pool/billiards ball, then press it into a disc shape with the open side up and put it in the Mason jar lid to help shape it.

Cement in jar lid


Mine came out a little big because my ball of cement was bigger than a pool/billiards ball. So to keep yours in better proportion, make sure when you press it into the lid that the sides of the cement disc is about ¾ of the way to the top of the lid. You can just remove some of the cement and re-shape it again.

Step 3 | Secure Plastic And Press Tealight Mould:

While it’s in the Mason jar lid, use a rubber band to lightly secure the plastic, and then trim the excess. Next, flip it upside down into the lid so that the rubber band side is down. Mould it into the rounded shape of the lid, then place the tealight into the middle and press (this photo and the one below were taken when I used a battery operated tealight, I forgot to get a pic with the regular tealight candle).

Cement in plastic curing

Take it out of the lid to cure; otherwise you may not be able to get it out easily.

Step 4 | Cure The Cement:

Set of cement holders curing

You will let it cure about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, but after about 40 minutes, remove the rubber band and carefully peel the bottom part of the plastic wrap off. It will be much easier doing it now than when it is fully cured.

Step 5 | Remove The Plastic Around Cement Tealight Holder:

When it’s cured, remove the rest of the plastic wrap.

3 tealight candles with cement
3 concrete candles