The Best Ratio of Cement to Sand (for Concrete Crafts)

Portland cement is the most common and widely available cement mix throughout the world.

It is also the most versatile because you can customize the concrete mixture to fit every project.

- Cement - Sand - Aggregate Play Sand - Aggregate Pea Gravel - Aggregate Sandblasted Sea   Glass

Materials For DIY The Best Ratio Of Cement To Sand For Concrete Crafts

The cured concrete pieces that were made to test each cement mixture recipe were pencil holders. I used the same containers to maintain consistency.

Mixing Cement: The Ratio Of Cement To Sand

The Basic Steps For Each Cement to Sand & Aggregate Ratio Tested First, I mixed the dry portland cement powder together with the dry sand.

You should mix the dry ingredients together first for a well-mixed, smooth consistency. Next, I added a small amount of water and mixed the ingredients together.

I continued to add more water until I had the consistency of a wet mud pie or very formed brownie batter.

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