The Perfect DIY Plant Stand: Indoor/Outdoor

Do you need a way to keep all of your plants alive all year? Then this is the ideal indoor/outdoor DIY plant stand that will solve the problem of dragging all your plants inside and outside each year.

How To Make A Wood DIY Plant Stand Materials List

– (4) 8’ 2×2’ select pine – (6) 8’ 2×1’ select pine – (13) 8’ 2×1’ picket fence slats or cheaper wood boards – Pocket hole jig – Pocket hole screws

How To Make An Indoor/Outdoor Wood DIY Plant Stand Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Sand The Wood

It will only be the shelf slats that will need to be sanded and this will happen after they are cut and nailed to the shelf supports.

Step 2. Cut The Plant Shelf Supports (Cross Bars) And Create Pocket Holes

If you are building six shelves, you’ll need 12 pieces. You’ll be able to cut 2 shelf supports per 8’ board.

Use the pocket hole jig to create two pocket holes on each end of the 36” supports you just cut.

Step 3. Make Pocket Holes In The Ends Of The Shelf Supports

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