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21 Unique DIY Concrete Planters (For You to Make!)

Get inspired with these 21 unique DIY concrete planters ideas, with tutorials. 

With these 21 unique DIY concrete planters listed below, you’ll find ideas for just about any DIY concrete planter you want to make. 

Concrete planters are probably the funnest craft you can make with concrete.- in my opinion. 

I mean, you can create just about any look you want. You can make them in just about any size, shape or color. 

Give your own personal touch to any cement or concrete planter because doing so is really fairly easy once you’ve got the basics.

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General Materials For Making UniqueDIY Concrete Planters

For getting down to the nitty gritty of how to make concrete planters, take a look at this ultimate guide for making them

And when you’re done making them, you’re going to need a big ole indoor/outdoor plant stand to keep them on. I have a DIY tutorial on one with 6 shelves and 6 feet tall! Free plans too.

21 Unique DIY Concrete Planters To Make!

21 Unique DIY Concrete Planters To Make!

21 unique DIY concrete planters you can make! Inspiring and easy tutorials for making your own planters with concrete and cement.

DIY Concrete Planters That Are Molded Around Balloons

Using a balloon as a mold? Yes, it can be done and it's easy too.

There are lots of ways to use balloons as molds for DIY concrete planters. Take a look at these neat examples.

Concrete Planters Made With Your Own Silicone Mold

When you make your own silicone mold, you can replicate the shape of any object to make a concrete planter. With silicone molds, you can make multiple copies.

These are great for people who make and sell their cement planters. - Hello Etsy folks!

Unique DIY Concrete Planters That Are Marbled And Colored

Coloring concrete planters is easy! Just add pigments to the mix. You can even make the cement marbled by mixing together two different concrete mix colors.

These can be made by using acrylic or latex paint and mixing it into the concrete mix.

You can also add powdered pigments that are specially made for concrete.

Unique DIY Cement And Concrete Planters For The Holidays

Concrete planters are such great handmade gifts! People are always amazed that you made them yourself.

And how great to make something that’s functional and not just decorative to give as a gift- form and function, baby!

Homemade Cement Planters Made To Look Like Rocks

You can even make DIY concrete planters look like pieces from nature.

Other Unique Handmade Concrete Planters

The ability to make unique concrete planters is truly limitless. Unless you use a pre-made silicone mold, they are always one of a kind.

Add your own personal touches with color, shape and size.

Take a look here if you are wondering about whether it's Safe To Pot Plants In A Concrete Planter.

If you need some help troubleshooting cracks and crumbles in your pots, then take a look here.

21 Unique DIY Concrete Planters To Make
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21 Unique DIY Concrete Planters To Make
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