Welcome! My name is Ellen and I’m so grateful you’re here! I wear the many hats of a concrete artist, home DIY enthusiast, avid gardener, seasoned crafter, and visionary designer.

The genesis of this blog traces back to my frustration over coming across tutorials that consistently fell short of details, and I saw an opportunity to fill this void.

So, I made a vow to create tutorials that not only spark creativity but also provide the comprehensive details necessary to transform ideas into truly artsy, pretty things.

Concrete Crafts Enthusiast & Expert

Meet Ellen, your go-to guru for all things concrete crafts. With many years of experience, Ellen has become a seasoned artisan, having crafted an impressive portfolio of hundreds of concrete projects.

From the inception of this blog, Ellen embarked on a quest for comprehensive knowledge, delving into the intricacies of concrete crafts.

Frustrated by the need for more in-depth information, particularly on making concrete planters, she made it her mission to gain expertise in the field.

Ellen’s commitment led her to conduct extensive research, testing every type of concrete, cement mix, sealant, and pigment. She shares the fruits of her hands-on exploration with you through detailed tutorials, insightful tips, and complimentary guides on this blog.

Ellen has even penned two concrete-centric ebooks to empower enthusiasts like yourself further.

Explore the wealth of knowledge on creating concrete crafts on the blog’s tips page and the concrete tutorials page to kickstart your own concrete-making adventures.

DIY Enthusiast & Landscaping Maven

A self-taught lover of home and garden wonders, Ellen has decades of hands-on experience that has refined her skills to perfection. Each tutorial she creates is a testament to her broad knowledge, shared with you to elevate your endeavors.

Beyond her crafting abilities, Ellen is an active member of her state’s native plant society, having undergone plant identification classes. This botanical expertise enhances her ability to guide you toward more beneficial gardening practices.

flagstones laid out in a pattern with empty gaps between them
A trippy coloring page of a tree with detailed patterns of flowers within it.

Visionary Designer

Ever wonder about those captivating printables? Well, Ellen, armed with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design, is the creative force behind them.

These artistic additions, from intricate coloring pages to PDF patterns for pumpkin carving, bring an extra layer of flair to the site.

Ellen is also the owner and creative force behind the website Artsy Pretty Colors.

Indulge in the creativity with the printables available here on the blog, and discover a new dimension to your crafting experience.

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