Hi there, I’m Ellen! Thanks for stopping in.

Who am I?

woman on grass

I’ve renovated my own house, got a Master’s of Fine Arts degree, design kitchens for a living, and I even won a blue ribbon in 8th grade, in a state art show for a pencil drawing of a plant!

I started this blog because I was looking for ideas on what to make and came across sites that had mostly crafts for kids. I wailed, “-but I’m a grown-up! I want to make grown-up stuff.” Plus I needed things for my home, whether it was planters, furniture, or bird feeders, and I didn’t want to buy what I knew I could make.

Now gear up with your tool belt and start here to pick your first project!

See My DIY Wedding Story Below

Our Rustic Wedding

I got married when I was 43. Being saddled with mounds of student loan debt, my husband and I wanted to have a beautiful wedding without spending loads of money on it, so we knew it had to be as DIY as possible.

My job and long commute keeps me away from home 12 hours a day so I knew making everything for the wedding was going to be an incredible challenge. However, armed with a Masters of Fine Arts, and a knack for arts and crafts, I was ready to take that challenge head on. I can get really obsessive, so I was confident I could hunker down and get this done.

ellen and dennis wedding photo
Between me, my husband, my family, and a few friends we pulled it off with flying colors! In my humble opinion, everything we made came out beautifully, and was worth every minute of the sweat and tears- and I won’t kid you, there were some of both.

However, the sad part of this story is that we don’t have any professional photos of the wedding, including the beautiful wedding décor we made. Unfortunately, where we made our big mistake was in our choice in the photographer. After the wedding she disappeared.

We have some photos that guests took, but from the photographer (though paid in full), we only managed to get some of the teaser photos she sent early on after the wedding which were some of our family formals and a couple of pics of my husband and I. But alas, we move on and remaking the wedding décor has been a cathartic experience, bringing back some amazing memories.