DIY Concrete Planters

Make Your Own Gorgeous Planters Using Concrete.

Give your plants a new home immersed in rustic elegance.

Are you ready to turn ordinary cement into extraordinary planters? I’ve got you covered!

Here’s the scoop – these are the most comprehensive and informative articles on making concrete planters around.

Whether you’re dreaming of crafting large concrete planters or small ones, or experimenting with creating cool marbled coloring effects, I have tutorials and helpful articles that will guide you through every planter pour, mix, and mold.

Articles For Working With Concrete For Planters

Questions and Answers for How to Make a Concrete Planter at Home

To make lots of copies of concrete planters, silicone molds are best.

This article shows how to make a small silicone concrete mold and this one for a larger one.

But you can make pots out of disposable plastic containers or even word forms.

This article has comprehensive information on all the types of mold materials for concrete pots.

You can make a concrete planter lightweight by adding ingredients like perlite to the mix. This hypertufa planter is lightweight.

Yes, you should always add a drainage hole to a concrete planter. Despite the fact that concrete is porous, it still retains too much water to keep a plant healthy.

I have a tutorial for how to build in a drainage hole into your DIY concrete planter mold so you don’t need to drill one after.

These DIY concrete planter tutorials are tailor-made for beginners and dreamers who want to spruce up their spaces with stunning greenery and aspire to turn their passion into a profitable venture.

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