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Best Backyard Sheds for Outdoor Storage Needs

Maximize your outdoor storage space with these best backyard sheds.

When it comes to storage, your family will have specific needs when it comes to size and shape based on the items you need to store.

But when it comes to over all price and value vs. customer satisfaction, based on reviews, we think the best backyard shed is number 8 on our list, the small-mid-sized Suncast.

But you’ll want to read on for details to determine which shed best fits your needs. You can click here to be taken straight to the list, or read on to see what criteria to consider when purchasing a storage shed.

Why I’m researching outdoor sheds. If you’re anything like me, space is gold. I try to maximize every bit I can, but sometimes there’s still not enough which is why I’ve been researching the best backyard sheds.

Finding a place to store all of our yard equipment and garden tools, other than in the garage is a top priority. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of losing a lot of time looking for all my yard tools.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to re-purchase a disposable item like twist-ties – that I know I have. Or even worse, sometimes I’ll have to buy a tool that I already own, just because it’s been missing for months. :0{

Or how often have I ended up using a tool that doesn’t sufficiently get the job done because I can’t find the tool that does get the job done sufficiently.

Sure enough, as soon as I’ve finished, I find the darn thing.

And the thing is… I’m relatively organized. It’s not like we’ve got a hoarding situation or living in chaos, we are just regular people who don’t have a lot of time on our hands to reorganize the garage every month.

And we definitely don’t have enough functional storage space for our needs. –I have a hunch, you know exactly what I mean. 

Now in the past, garden sheds haven’t always been very attractive. Luckily, things have gotten a little better in the outdoor shed department though.

You can easily find a plethora of attractive options regardless of budget and style. 

While on this hunt for the best backyard sheds, I took notes and put all the information here –in case it helps you.

Keep reading on for my top picks for the best sheds to store all your lawn tools, garden equipment, power tools, and more. 

Some of the links on this page have been provided as a convenience for finding materials. These links may also be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

I only recommend products I’ve used and loved, unless otherwise stated. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

What to Consider When Picking the Best Backyard Sheds

Shed Size 

Finding the right size is likely one of the first things to consider.

Fortunately, there’s a huge variety of small and very large sheds and everything in between. 

The two big questions are, how much space do you have for your shed? And how many things do you need to store in your shed?

Knowing where you have the space to put a shed is usually the easy part, but how do you know what size you need?

You don’t want to under-guess and fall short on storage and you don’t want to over-guess and pay for more than you need.

This will be the goal for the “after” photo!

To figure out our storage needs in terms of size here’s what I did. I set up a fake, wall-less shed on my driveway.

I did this by taking everything that I thought I would store inside the shed and placing it on my driveway.

Of course, some of these items are the type that can be stored by stacking above each other and some could be stored by hanging on the wall.

I took the items that could be wall hung and I leaned them against my garage doors.

For stackable items, I used cardboard boxes and placed them on their sides and then placed those items inside there.

Then finally, I used blue painter’s tape to draw a rectangle around the perimeter of the items. This gave me a great sense of what size shed we would need to fit our items.  

Access Type and Size

Consider what exactly you’ll be using your shed for. If you plan to store your lawn more inside, then you should know that a standard-sized door is usually 30”.

A double-sized door (like a barn-style door) is usually 50”. Riding lawn mowers will require a double door.

Shed Structure Materials

The best storage sheds will be durable and the most durable type of shed is a wood shed.

Since sheds are offered in many different materials, it’s important to know what the benefits and drawbacks are of each.

Metal Sheds
Metal is an inexpensive material but you’ll need to consider climate conditions. For example, do you regularly get a lot of rain and humidity?

Metal will eventually corrode and this will accelerate under those types of conditions. 

Wooden Sheds
This will be the strongest material and can hold up to strong winds. The drawback is that it is more susceptible to insect damage.

It is the most easily customized type of shed material, but it will also be the most expensive option.

Resin Sheds
Resin is a great choice as a material since it is strong and it is also not susceptible to bugs. They usually have good amount of custom storage options.

But with resin/ plastic sheds, these options are only customizable within the parameters of what is offered by the manufacturer.

Shed Location 

Sheds should be located on level ground and never in an area where runoff water collects. 

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The Best Backyard Sheds 

These are the best outdoor storage sheds I found while searching for a shed.

The best choice will depend on each person and their yard, but there are some great choices here for your outdoor equipment. 

1. Suncast Tremont Resin Storage Shed

This popular shed includes plenty of skylights for light and ventilation, has ample storage space, and is made with durable multi-wall resin material. 

Now if you have a small yard, this may not be the right shed. However, due to its spacious design, there is plenty of floor space to move items around.

  • Size – 8’ x 10’
  • Storage Capacity – 546 cubic feet
  • Material – Resin

2. Horizontal Storage Shed – Homspark

Do you just want a smaller shed to store your trash cans? This one doesn’t have a ton of space, but it does have enough room for those smelly, gross trash cans. 

The plastic material makes it easy to hose down and clean when it gets dirty.

There are also two shelving platforms with enough space for smaller items, such as hand tools or gardening tools. 

It would also work well for bikes, a push mower, or similar items. 

  • Size – 3.8’ x 2’ x 3.2’ 
  • Storage Capacity – 26 cubic feet
  • Material – Plastic

3. Extra-Large Outdoor Shed – Keter Newton

This larger shed is for someone who needs some serious storage capacity. Have a riding mower or two? Or other large items?

Then this shed is a good choice. Also, it helps that it’s pretty to look at despite its large size. 

Additionally, it has a skylight and two-door windows so it allows natural light and ventilation. 

  • Size – 7 ½’ x 11’ 
  • Storage Capacity – 494 cubic feet
  • Material – Polypropylene resin panels with steel reinforcement

4. Metal Storage Shed – Gravforce

This metal shed is a good option for storing gardening supplies, bikes, garbage cans, and more. 

The galvanized steel makes this shed rustproof and UV-resistant which may make it good for somewhere with heavy rains and/or extreme temperatures. The double sliding door is lockable. 

  • Size – 6’ x 4’
  • Storage Capacity – 24 square feet
  • Material – Galvanized steel

5. Outdoor Storage Shed – Keter Manor

This durable shed includes extra features like a skylight, window, and vent.

Its size is a great option for storing patio furniture, beach chairs, garden supplies, and more. 

  • Size – 4’ by 6’
  • Storage Capacity – 131.8 cubic feet
  • Material – Resin

6. Small Wood Shed – MCombo Outdoor Storage Cabinet

This smaller shed is a great choice to place in a small space such as the garden, patio, deck, porch, or garage. 

It’s perfect for gardening aficionados for all of their tools, watering cans, extra pots, and more. 

  • Size – 30 ¼” x 21 ¼” x 70”
  • Material – Fir wood

7. Horizontal Storage Box – KINYING

This horizontal storage box has double doors for easy access and also a lid that opens from the top.

It works great for storing garbage cans, outdoor furniture, pool equipment, and more. 

  • Size – 50” x 29” x 41” inches
  • Storage Capacity –26 cubic feet
  • Material – Resin

8. Outdoor Storage Shed- Suncast

This small vertical shed is great if you don’t need a larger shed, and it still provides vertical storage space.

This is a good idea for long-handled yard tools, stepladders, and more. 

  • Size – 32 ½” x 52” x 71 ½” inches
  • Storage Capacity – 54 cubic feet
  • Material – Resin

9. 2-in-1 Shed – Hanover

Do you have a lot of firewood and need somewhere to store it? This 2-in-1 shed comes with a larger firewood rack and a small shed space for things like an ax and other yard tools. 

  • Size – 41” x 106” x 62”
  • Storage Capacity – 42 cubic feet
  • Material – Alloy steel

10. Red Cedar Garden Shed- Cabana

This charming, rustic shed has two windows so has plenty of natural light. It eleven has window boxes.

This one will be a little more challenging to install, but has lots of hanging and wall storage options.

Gardening tools will do well stored here and this can even serve as a small hangout or a workstation.

  • Size – 6’ x 9’
  • Storage Capacity – 354 cubic feet
  • Material – Red cedar wood

So there you have it, these were the best backyard sheds that had both decent aesthetics, good feature offerings and some of the more trusted reviews.

Hopefully, this points you in the right direction and eventually makes your outdoor chores more efficient because you know where to find all your tools.

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