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30 Free New Year Coloring Pages –Printable

Start the year with the best selection of unique New Year coloring pages free printables!

We have made 30 free coloring pages for you to print.

Among them are cute pages, New Year’s countdowns, Chinese New Year, classic coloring sheets, and intricate ones for adults.

Coloring is a fun activity and a great way to keep kids of all ages engaged when they’re at home, especially when it’s too cold to play outside. 

Another great idea for using these pages is to turn them into cards.

The best way to turn one into a greeting card is to print the coloring page onto card stock paper.

How to get started? Click the download link to open the pdf file and print your New Year printables.

These files are for personal use, but you can print as many as you’d like.

You may also be interested in our other pages to color like these for patriotic holidays, and for Easter you’ll love these coloring sheets for kids, and Valentine’s Day.

Chinese New Year Coloring Sheets

The symbol for the 2023 Chinese New Year is the rabbit! The previous year, it was the tiger.

An adorable rabbit wearing a Santa hat, this year’s symbol of the Chinese New Year, is carrying a present.

It’s very wintry, where the rabbit lives with lots of Christmas trees and snow in the background.

Same as the image above, but with the year of the rabbit message.

A cute rabbit on a snowy mountain. The rabbit is the 2023 Chinese zodiac sign.

A cute bunny celebrates the lunar new year by playing a musical instrument.

A tiger was the symbol for the Chinese New Year in 2022.

This one is yawning after taking a nap under a tree.

A cute tiger skates in circles on New Year’s Day. 2022 is the year of the tiger.

A cute tiger with a beanie cap skates around on the ice to celebrate the New Year.

Cute Happy New Year’s Coloring Pages

A sweet reindeer coloring page with words wishing a Happy New Year.

A wise owl is standing on a rock saying Happy New year.

This happy tiger is all bundled up to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations.

A sweet bunny sits in front of her gingerbread house on a winter’s day.

A simple design of a rabbit skating on ice with the words Happy New Year above.

Gnomes know how to party on New Year’s eve. I bet this guy has a big glass of warm brandy waiting inside.

Little kids enjoy a big cake for their New Year’s day party.

Little kids enjoy a big cake for their New Year’s day party.

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This cute little chick sits outside her home, getting ready to welcome her guests for the new year activities.

A simple outline of a rabbit carrying balloons on New Year’s eve.

This kitten looks at the baby owl sitting in a champagne glass.

Fireworks are flying in the background.

The cat and snowman friends are happy to celebrate the day together.

Baby New Year wears his hat and sits on a carpet. He is blowing a horn to celebrate the happy day.

This happy little gnome has already cracked open the champagne. Are we surprised?

Santa is carrying a sign with a Merry Christmas and Happy New year message.

Free Printable Coloring Pages New Year With Intricate Designs

These detailed New Year drawings are perfect for older kids and adults.

An outline of a rabbit with a detailed pattern inside.

A very detailed design of a tiger.

New Year’s Eve Countdowns Coloring Pages

The countdown clock strikes midnight. So that must mean it’s January 1st.

A cuckoo clock tells us it’s midnight, so it’s officially the New Year!

Classic New Year Coloring Sheets

A champagne bottle and mandala design for coloring.

Candles and a wreath adorn a table and provide a warm ambiance on this holiday.

Free Happy New Year Signs With Words

A sign to color and print for the new year.

A happy New Year sign for coloring.

Here are some great rhyming poems, with a Christmas/holiday theme –perfect for starting a family tradition. Or add them to your greeting cards!

You may also be interested in our detailed Christmas coloring pages. 

Do you want free printable Christmas cards? We have those too!

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