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Concrete Christmas Decor Ideas –You Can Make

Are you looking for especially creative decor to make this holiday season? Then you’ll love this list of concrete Christmas decor ideas we’ve put together for you.

Using concrete to make holiday decor makes perfect sense. It’s cheap, and the projects on our list fit any skill level.

Not only that, the materials are easy to come by. Even the molds are often household plastic leftovers or items from a dollar or thrift store. 

a collage of 4 concrete christmas decor items- set of 3 concrete candles that are round, a white candle with poinsettia design, planter in shape of burlap bag, wooden hoop on wall with concrete-looking christmas trees inside

And the best thing about concrete is that it’s the perfect material because it’s durable for making outdoor Christmas decorations too.

Of course, these fantastic decoration ideas will make amazing, unique homemade Christmas presents.

If this is your first time making any concrete decor items, it’s not a DIY project you should make at your dining room table.

The cement mix produces caustic dust. And you mustn’t inhale it or have it floating inside your house.

Concrete projects need to be done outside or in a garage, and please use a safety mask.

By the way, here’s a pro tip –most of these projects can be made using the same type of concrete mix and at the same consistency of mixture.

So how do you mix concrete or cement for DIY Christmas decorations?

To mix the concrete, start by adding the dry mix to a bowl. Then slowly add a little water and mix it until there are no lumps and you have reached the consistency of a milkshake. 

Your next step is to choose your favorite concrete Christmas decor ideas from the list below so you can get started. 

Concrete Christmas Decor Ideas –You Can Make

Here are some taller, marbled concrete pillar candles you might also like.

And when you’re ready to start thinking about Easter, here are some cool concrete egg planters.

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