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The 15 Best Ideas For Basement Flooring Over Concrete

We have chosen the best ideas for basement flooring over concrete. So when it’s time to upgrade, you’ll know which are the best options that are DIY-friendly and best suit your family’s needs.

But knowing which is the best type for your home, budget and will also meet is the balancing act, and we’re here to help.

Read on to get the facts on basement flooring and a list of amazing ideas you can do yourself.

luxury vinyl plank basement flooring over concrete subfloor in a basement with 2 pics of other flooring ideas of stenciled paint floor and paper bag floor

Considerations For Basement Flooring That Goes Over Concrete

Here are some things to consider when choosing new flooring for your basement space.

A concrete slab will feel better if there is some cushion between it and your feet.

Some flooring materials are much better at warming the floor than others. These options are also the ones that are more sound-absorbing.

Flooring is sold by the square foot, so before you go out shopping to select your materials, be sure you know the length and width of your room.

To determine the square feet, multiply the length by the width. Also, remember that you will need to purchase an additional 10% of the material.

This is due to losing some material when making cuts at the room’s edges.

A basement is susceptible to moisture, so you need to know how vulnerable your basement floor will be and make that a key factor when making your decision.

And finally, many types of flooring require that the floor be flat, so some leveling may be required.

Best Concrete Floor Upgrades For A Basement 

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an excellent option for high-traffic areas. It looks like hardwood floors without the high cost and better durability.

Best of all, it’s waterproof, though you will need a vapor barrier to help prevent moisture issues in subterranean-level rooms.

It’s also available as a luxury vinyl tile, which looks like tile rather than wood.

This is an easy type of flooring to install, take it from me. I did our 600 sq ft basement.

You can find out more about our vinyl plank project, including the required leveling of the concrete floor, here.

Carpet Tiles

Wall-to-wall carpeting may not be the best option if it’s a room with potential moisture problems, but carpet tiles are.

The reason for this is that carpet tiles are replaceable. Often when a basement gets wet, it’s only in one area.

Removing and replacing a carpet tile is easy. As you’ll see in our basement flooring ideas list below, you can even dry them!

Rubber Flooring

One of the best benefits of rubber flooring, aside from the softness under your feet, is that they work well with a non-smooth or uneven floor.

They come at a reasonable price point and in a variety of colors.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Planks or Tiles

These look similar to luxury vinyl plank flooring, but you install them using adhesive tape. The installation is quicker and easier than LVP, and the material costs less.

One drawback is that it won’t be as durable because the adhesives will break down over time.


There’s debate around laminate because historically, laminate floors- like the plank type, were only resistant to water and not waterproof.

This is because the core is made from MDF wood. Some brands now use PVC plastic or extra resins in the wood core to make it “waterproof.” Is the laminate brand you are researching genuinely waterproof?

It’s something to be aware of. However, they are at least very water resistant.

They have an authentic look of wood, much like vinyl plank, but typically come at a slightly lower price.


Using paint to spruce up the basement floor is a cheap and quick fix.

Its long-term durability will depend on the type of paint and sealer you use and if there will be any moisture issues.

If the concrete floor is prone to moisture problems, it’s best to skip the paint.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a perfect choice for a completely waterproof basement floor.

It comes in a wide assortment of colors, is inexpensive, and can even be done as a DIY. 

Other Flooring Ideas For Your Basement

Area Rug

An area rug can make a big difference in a basement space. It has a pleasing look and will warm the floor and help absorb sound.

It just may be a great solution, especially in a smaller space.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles make our list the best choice for basements vulnerable to water damage.

However, they require a very level floor and need to absorb sound better.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are straightforward to install and inexpensive.

It is waterproof, but vinyl tiles have a seam that can allow water to get through.

These aren’t good options for a concrete surface that isn’t smooth, as you will feel each imperfection under your feet due to it being thin.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are gorgeous, and if moisture isn’t present, maybe a good choice.

They will require the concrete subfloor to be level, and you will need to dig deeper into your pockets than you would for most of the other flooring options. 

The winner for the best basement flooring is luxury vinyl plank. This is due to being best for low maintenance, aesthetics, and price.

For other inspiring remodeling ideas, check out these amazing tutorials for making over your fireplace!

The Best Basement Flooring Ideas Over Concrete

Here’s a list of basement flooring ideas over concrete, as well as helpful information to help you choose the best material for your space.

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