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10 DIY Garage Shelf Ideas To Keep You Organized

Today we’re bringing you 10 DIY garage shelf ideas that will de-clutter your garage space, and provide you with more storage.

Having a nice, well-organized space comes down to understanding your exact needs based on the different items you need to store.

Once you’ve got a good handle on that, you can execute one of these excellent garage shelf ideas with the tutorials listed below.

How do you get started organizing a chaotic garage space? First, go through all the items you currently have stored in the garage.

Next, decide what you’ll keep and what you can sell or donate. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a good picture of how much you need to store.

Now your next move is to determine what to store overhead and what you should store on the walls. 

When you don’t have a lot of floor space, it’s best to use vertical space as much as possible.

Think about the items you need to access regularly, and physically place them in your garage where you would use them.

For instance, car washing products will probably go near the front of the garage.

Likewise, garden tools will likely be near the front of the garage unless you have a second door to the outside. 

After categorizing your items into the area they need to go, next you’ll need to consider how to store them.

Anything you need quick access to is a great candidate for open wall storage, such as pegboard, open shelves, or other hook systems. 

Small items that can easily roll around or get lost should be put into plastic bins or drawers if possible.

Heavy items will need durable shelving and probably deep shelving.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the frequently used items, it’s time to move on to those less frequently used or seasonal items.

Again, these are good candidates for overhead, upper wall, and plastic bin storage.

By the way, you may wan to check out how I painted these plastic storage drawers so that the finish lasts, and doesn’t scratch.

I know we have no excuse for a cluttered garage at my house since we have 14′ ceilings.

These high ceilings are due to our home sitting on a slope, with the garage on the low end.

We’ve been working on coming up with a budget for what we can buy and what we will DIY and will combine a mix of the two.

One thing’s for sure there’s nothing like having good vertical storage- open floor space is key! 

This should give you a good start now for what your garage shelving needs are and what you will need to make to have peace of mind the next time you step inside your garage.

Read on to see these 10 fantastic DIY garage shelf ideas to help you get your space organized and on budget.

10 DIY Garage Shelf Ideas

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