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Repurposed Cowboy Boot Planter

Repurpose a cowboy boot vase and turn it into a real planter!

I found this polyresin cowboy boot at a hobby store. It reminds me of our rustic wedding decor.

It would have fit in perfectly. Apparently it is intended to be a vase.

Repurposed Cowboy Boot Planter with flowers

I wanted it as a planter so I drilled (more accurately, my husband drilled) a couple of drainage holes in the bottom.

From vase to planter- that counts as repurposing, right? :0}

I planted Soprano Purple in it because they look kind of like wildflowers and would fit the rustic look of the boot.

I wanted to add some white to it but didn’t have any white flowers, but I did find some white flowers blossoming from weeds that did the trick, at least for the photos.

I’ll add an actual plant with white flowers later.

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 DIY Difficulty Level | Easy

Materials For Making A Repurposed Cowboy Boot

  • Polyresin cowboy boot (Hobby Lobby)
  • Potting soil mix
  • Plant(s) of your choice ( I used Soprano)
  • Drill press or drill
  • 1/4″ drill bit or similar size

Repurposed Cowboy Boot Planter Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Create Drainage Holes

making drill holes in polyresin cowboy boot

Slowly drill 2 drainage holes in the bottom and widen if necessary.

Step 2. Pot Your Plants

potted Soprano Purple plant for planter
Repurposed Cowboy Boot Planter with flowers

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