Wine Cork Planter Tree Ornament Gift

DIY Wine Cork Artificial Planter Ornaments

Wine cork artificial planter ornaments are perfect little gifts around the holidays. Using artificial flowers or plants will allow them to adorn a Christmas tree year after year.

These wine cork planters as Christmas tree ornaments were such a joy to make. The idea came to me from the Wine Cork Succulent Planters I made in this post. The beautiful thing about these is you don’t have to do any maintenance to keep them alive since they use artificial plants. These are really easy to make, especially if you have a drill press. If you don’t, no worries. If you don’t have to make a ton of these tree ornaments then it’s just as easy to use a hand drill. There are so many creative things you could use to plant these with. I like to keep an eye out at Michaels for 50% off artificial sprays/stems and see what looks good. These make such great stocking stuffers!

 Difficulty level- Moderate


  • Wine corks
  • Floral stems- look for ones that will have the appropriate sized stems when trimmed of main stem
  • Floral wire (green), or any 24-gauge beading type wire
  • Filler 1- plastic snowflake filler (which is just shredded plastic), or other lightweight material
  • Filler 2- white pebbles
  • Scrubby yarn


  • Hot glue gun
  • Awl- bookbinding or stitching
  • Poking tool or stick
  • Hand drill (corded if possible)
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • Dremel with flex attachment (flex not necessary, but helpful)
  • Dremel bit #155 for hollowing

Wine Cork Planter Ornament Tutorial Steps

Step 1 | Drill The Wine Cork Holes:

Hollow out the corks.

Unless you have a drill press, use a hand drill and a Dremel with a flex attachment, if you have one because it will be easier to hold. Use the hand drill to create a pilot hole, using a 1/8” bit. Be careful to not drill through the end of the cork. For safety, you should use clamps or vise grips to hold your cork.

Wine corks holding artificial flowers as ornaments
wine corks with artificial plants

Hint– use painters tape to mark your stopping point by making a flag around the drill bit (see below).

After your pilot hole is drilled, use the Dremel high speed cutter bit #115, which does a good job of hollowing them out. Carefully widen your hole. Carve it so there are no ledges and ample space for your soil.

I recommend rinsing the corks to get all the sawdust out and off of them.

Tip: I do a lot of projects with hollowed out wine corks, so I always do large batches at a time and save them for when I’m ready for another project.

Step 2 | Cut The Hanging Wire:

Needle Nose Pliers

Cut a strip of wire 8” long ( I use needle nose pliers that have a wire cutter in them).

Step 3 | Create The Wine Cork Hanger Hole:

Awl- tool for poking hole in cork

Poke a hole in the bottom, using an awl and twist it a little to widen the hole.

Step 4 | Thread The Hanging Wire Through The Cork:

Thread wire through cork from the outside bottom and pull it through. Depending on how damaged the cork is from when it was removed from the bottle of wine, you may need to either just create a little pigtail, or tie it, or tie and glue it with a glue gun.

Next. bend the top of the wire into a hook shape by wrapping around your finger.

Step 5 | Cut The Artificial Plants To Prep For “Planting” The Wine Cork Planters:

Stems for artificial cork ornament

Trim floral stem to the right size for your cork. Note-if it’s too short, you can plant it higher up, by adding filler first.

Step 6 | Set The Plants In Place Within The Cork:

Place your stem and add the plastic filler to help anchor it. When it’s pretty well secured in place, add the pebbles to fully secure it. Be sure to pack them tight around the stem. A poker of some type will help here.

Last Step | Top Off The Opening Of The Wine Cork Planter Ornament:

Cut about a 6” section of the Scrubby yarn ( I like this type because it looks like a blanket of snow). Use your hot glue gun to glue around the top of the cork where the pebbles are, then loosely wrap the yarn around it to cover the glue!