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DIY Grinch String Art Decoration (with lights)

Add some extra light to your holiday decor and make a lit Grinch, using string and LED lights.

Do you LOVE How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss? Such a great story. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, if not my favorite.

And I do mean the real one –the cartoon, not the Jim Carrey version. But I’m old fashioned that way.

a lit grinch shape made with string and LED fairy lights on a plywood board

Lately I’ve been inspired by great string art. And since it’s that time of year, I have been thinking about Christmas decorations.

So I thought a great option might be to utilize fairy lights as string art to put a bright twist to the craft popularized in the 60’s.

String art! What a fun way to celebrate my love of the Grinch.

With this grinch decoration sitting by our fireplace each year at Christmas, we get to feel our little Grinch hearts grow three sizes each year. :0}

String art is also called thread art.

What kind of string is used for string art?

Many people like to use embroidery floss because it can provide nice detail and is easy to work with. However, you can use any string.

I didn’t wan’t the string to get lost behind the LED Christmas lights of this large Grinch thread art, and so I used yarn because it was more substantial than string.

Another idea is to actually leave the yarn off and stain the wood. That way you could use it as a lawn yard art Christmas decoration.

Many times you’ll see string art that’s filled in. This is where the thread will wind back and forth across the shape and fills it in.

Again, for this one I wanted to keep it simple. I mean, the Grinch is a complicated soul, why complicate hime more? :0}

What nails are best to use for string art?

I recommend the escutcheon pins I have linked below or something similar.

They have the right sized head that will hold onto the string but they also aren’t too obtrusive.

Grinch String Art plywood with grinch shape, string and lights

I used plywood for this string art project, but you can use any kind of material- as long as it’s soft enough to take a nail, yet firm enough to hold a nail.

Also, if you haven’t seen them yet, I even have two other Grinch decorations tutorials to inspire you this holiday season.

A Grinch Christmas wall decor tutorial, using cement and resin. And DIY Grinch Ornament made from clay.

And for coloring, here are 43 free coloring sheets all of the Grinch!

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DIY Difficulty Level | Easy

Supplies Needed For Making DIY Grinch String Art

*Not shown in photo

supplies needed for grinch string art

The Grinch String Art With Lights Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Prep The Plywood

For the first step, sand the edges of the plywood smooth. They only need to be smooth enough that you remove the splinters.

Step 2. Print The DIY Grinch String Art Outline

Print out the Grinch using my free downloadable image. Your printer may require 15 sheets of paper.

To get the download, enter your name and email in the form below the image. This will give you access to each of my design downloads.

Printable Grinch Image for String Art Project

Get the design download…

Step 3. Layout The DIY Grinch String Art Artwork

grinch printout on plywood

Keep the sheets in order when they come off the printer. Number them and then lay them out on the plywood.

Now carefully tape the sheets together so that the outlines line up.

You can trim the edge of each top sheet that overlaps if you want to make it perfect.

After taping the image together, use the frame I drew in the printable to help center the image on the plywood.

You may need to trim the outside edges of the paper if it overlaps the plywood.

Step 4. Hammer The Nails

nail pin nails into outlines of the grinch

Now follow the outlines and start hammering in the nails. Go deep enough that they don’t fall out, but they don’t need to be too deep. Mine were about 1/3 of the way in.

At the upper parts of the body, I was more detailed and I put quite a few nails close together.

Use this image below as your guide on where to place the nails.

Step 5. Drill The Hole For Threading The Grinch String Art Lights

thread the led lights around the diy grinch shape

Drill a hole for the lights and string at the bottom of the Grinch where his feet meet.

Get it started by pulling the non-plugged end through the hole, and then tape it to the paper to keep it in place. You’ll thread the lights later in Step 7.

**Please note: I adjusted the way I did this. In the following photos you’ll see that the printed paper has been removed. Leave your paper attached, it will make it much easier.

Step 6. Remove The Paper

nails hammered into plywood of grinch shape


Step 7. String The Yarn And Then Lights

string the yarn around the upper portion of the grinch

First, t.

Do this ut


And if that happens,and

The Grinch face is the trickiest to do, so use the image above as your template, if you’d like.

After you finish threading the yarn, string the lights.

After the lights are strung, plug in your cheeky Grinch string art and let me know what you think. Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Grinch plywood with grinch shape, string and lights
diy grinch string art finished- on plywood with grinch shape, string and lights

Grinch String Art

Make an amazing DIY string art project of The Grinch. A wonderful way to decorate your home for Christmas and such a a fun tytpe of craft to do!

Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours


  • Eschutcheon pins
  • Plywood
  • Yarn
  • LED string lights


  • --See the complete materials list, with links above the tutorial--


  1. Prep The Plywood For The String Art
  2. Print The DIY Grinch String Art Outline
  3. Layout The DIY Grinch String Art Artwork
  4. Hammer The Nails Into The Plywood, Following The Pattern
  5. Drill The Hole For Threading The Grinch String Art Lights
  6. String The Yarn And Lights Around The Nails
  7. Remove The Paper

Did you make this project?

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    1. Hi Mary,


      Yeah, the nailing of the string lights took longer than I would have liked, but I love looking at it a night when it’s lit. It’s kind of hypnotizing.

  1. Hi. I love this idea and your version of the Grinch,, but when I click on your image above, nothing happens. Do you still have the template available for printing? Thanks!

    1. Yes, just fill out the form where it says Design Download in Step 2. Be sure to confirm your email when you receive my email. You’ll get a password to the design library. It’s there.