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99 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts & Decor From Dollar Tree

Here are 99 fantastic tutorial ideas for do it yourself Dollar Tree Christmas crafts. 

Decorate your home for Christmas and make handmade holiday gifts while keeping within your budget.

Thanks to dollar stores, we have incredible low-cost ways to make amazing crafts and decor for Christmas. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to have beautiful decor. 

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts Tutorials

I mentioned in my 71 Amazing Dollar Tree Fall Crafts post that the other benefit of Dollar Tree crafts and decor is that many of their items have a generic look. 

This gives you a blank slate to make really cool Christmas decorations or gifts.

And one of the most popular decorations that you can make with Dollar Tree items is DIY Christmas wreaths. There are endless supplies for making wreaths at your local Dollar Tree Store.

If you haven’t visited a Dollar Tree during the holiday season, then you may be wondering what types of items does Dollar Tree have for Christmas in 2022? 

When shopping for your local dollar store Christmas crafts, keep your eye out for the essential craft supplies you’ll want to pick up.

Check out this post for 27 outdoor Christmas decorations tutorials.

Typical Dollar Store supplies:

  •  Christmas wreaths
  •  small white holiday trees
  • Snowflake ornaments 
  • ribbons 
  • glitter 
  • rustic wood crafts
  • hot glue gun 
  • Christmas floral 
  • Foam ball
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Globe ornaments
  • Wreath forms
  • White paint
  • White spray paint
  • Floral foam
  • Craft sticks
  • Epsom salt
fall buffalo plaid dollar tree wreath, snow globe and star shaped wreath

For more details on all the Christmas crafts and decor available this season you can check out the Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs for 2022 on their site. 

And if you are looking for Dollar Tree Easter decor and crafts, I have those here. You may also be interested in these 21 DIY Gnome tutorials, including some Christmas ones.

If you plan on making a wreath, then you might be thinking about a fireplace makeover. We have an article with 30+ fireplace ideas.

99 DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts & Decor

For some other ideas on what to make for easy Christmas crafts, you may want to check out these tutorials!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts and Decor
Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts and Decor

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