Round Cement Christmas Candle

candle on wood with berries and branch

A cute DIY Christmas décor tutorial. Use a plastic ball to make a round cement Christmas candle!

This project started out as something different which I will show you in an upcoming tutorial. As I was working on that project, lots of different ideas came to me on what else I could make with cement and these plastic bouncy balls.

Since we are coming upon the Holiday season, I thought I could make cement Christmas candles using these balls. There’s a whole bunch of materials needed for this, but considering the number of materials, these were incredibly easy to do. So much fun!

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 Difficulty level- Easy

Materials for Round Cement Christmas Candles 

materials for Round Cement Christmas Candle

materials for Round Cement Christmas Candle

ball with X-Acto slicing through it for Cement Christmas Candle

3 plastic balls cut open

cement mixture in bowl for Cement Christmas Candles

ball with cement inside

To help prevent the candle balls from rolling when cured, tap the bottoms on your work surface, lightly a few times. This will create and indentation that will help flatten the bottom.


slicing plastic off cured cement for Cement Christmas Candles

Paint the inside of the candleholder using a foam paintbrush and the iridescent gold paint (I forgot to get a photo of this step). Be careful not to get paint on the outside of the candle.

I wanted the rim to have the gold color and I found it easier to use my finger for this, so dipped my finger in the paint and put it inside the edge of the candle, then ran it along the rim.

wax melting in pan

 Now t

cement candle and wick for Cement Christmas Candles

cement candle and wick

cup of wax and 3 cement balls

 I used a paper towel to hold under the glass while I cured so that if it did drip, it would hit the towel.

cement christmas candle and wick

3 cement Christmas candles with berries

Lit Christmas candles