Midcentury Modern Concrete Wall Art

cat on ottoman with concrete tiles

Here’s how to make cool concrete wall art decor for your walls. Create a triptych of wall tiles, MCM style with cement!

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     Difficulty level- Easy

materials for concrete tiles

concrete wall decor
triptych of concrete tiles
concrete tiles

Step 2 | Prep The Colorant:

Mix up the powder colorant. You’ll do the mixing in the disposable bottle, but first lightly mix 12oz of water with about 1/8 cup of colorant powder in the disposable measuring cup. You can add more or less colorant than this, depending on how dark you want you wall tiles to be. The charcoal colorant stains everything, so this is why you are using a disposable measuring cup.

You’ll have more liquid colorant than you’ll need for this project, so you’ll be able to use the left over for another project. After combining in the measuring cup, pour it into a water bottle. Shake it to mix up the coloring. Make sure to re-shake this well just before adding it to the cement because the colorant will keep separating from the water.

Step 4 | Lubricate The DIY Concrete Wall Art Mould:

diy concrete wall art step prep container

Spray the vegetable oil into the container, then pour in the cement.

Step 5 | Create Hanging Hole:

After letting it sit about 15-20 minutes, create the hole for hanging. Just flip over the tile and mark out the center, and about 1” from the top.

Take the screwdriver/chisel and scrape away some space at the center. Make sure the top of the hole is flat to better hold a nail or screw. Make the hole it about ¾” wide. In case your hole isn’t perfectly centered, this will give you flexibility when hanging it.

Step 6 | De-mould The Concrete:

demoulded concrete wall art

After about an hour, you can de-mould the cement. Flip it over onto a soft towel to protect it and gently shake and tap, it should slide right out of the mould. Be careful with the residue from the vegetable spray from the container. If it gets on your fingers and you touch the cement, you will get a darker oil spot where you have touched it. I got a spot on one of my tiles, but I don’t mind it.

Step 7 | Transfer Concrete Wall Art To Tile:

concrete wall art transfer paper

Once you have all three tiles, go ahead and transfer the design to the tile. Just tape the transfer paper to your tile, then tape your design on top of that. Use a pen to trace over your design. When finished, remove the transfer paper and the paper print out.

Final Step:

Paint the tiles using the Sharpie paint markers.

Tiles on coffee table.

concrete tiles flat on table

3 painted concrete tiles on wall