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12 Unique Yard Decor You Can Make –Using Concrete

Creating unique yard decor using concrete is both easy and fun, and you’ve come to the right place for inspiration! I’ve gathered my favorite DIY cement projects for outdoor decor pieces that will enhance the look of your garden, yard, porch, or patio.

One of the best things about concrete is its affordability. A single bag of mix can go a long way, allowing you to create multiple projects from just one bag.

Another great advantage is its versatility in coloring. Whether you prefer a single hue or a vibrant mix of colors, it allows that flexibility to customize your concrete decor to complement your outdoor decorations.

4 pieces of unique concrete yard decor, a fire bowl, concrete spheres, a gnome and lit twigs on a round concrete base.

Scroll through to find your favorite concrete yard decor tutorial and get started!

12 Unique Concrete Yard Decor Tutorials

This cement fire bowl will look fabulous on any outdoor table with its warm ambiance.

You make it with a relatively inexpensive silicone mold, so you’re sure to be rewarded with this professional look.

Here’s another fun concrete project to make your yard look even more inviting.

These simple fairy solar light bottles can be placed anywhere to create a magical path or add pretty lighting to a porch or patio.

By the way, here is where you can find a tutorial for those natural-looking concrete stepping stones.

Add a splash of color to your garden areas with a colorful glass mosaic concrete stepping stone.

This can be made in any shape, and you can choose any color tiles and design to fit your sense of style.

Pocket Guide to Concrete & Cement Mixes For Crafts
Grab the free pocket guide. It has a handy chart for choosing the right mix for your project.

Now, here’s an outdoor lighting element that’s completely unique.

These twig lights are sitting on a concrete base that appears to be floating.

For yard decor that adds a touch of whimsy, make an easy orb for your garden or yard. Add a wood stain to give it a subtle hint of color.

And for something really whimsical, you gotta make this concrete lady gnome. She certainly has charm and may even bring good fortunes your way.

These concrete bricks are the perfect DIY garden edging.

The authentic worn look works great when you want a cottage-like appearance, and all you can find in the store are those sharp, cornered, new-looking bricks. Make them any color you’d like.

Okay, mushroom fans! You’ll love making this fantastic 2-foot-tall concrete mushroom!

Impress your mushroom-loving friends with the coolest mush swag around.

Yet another fantastic concrete lighting idea. Hide an ugly solar light in a faux rock made of concrete.

Years later, these concrete rock light covers are still going strong! Why not keep your garden looking natural during the day by hiding those little black plastic eyesores?

Check out the custom embossing patterns on the rectangular handmade concrete pavers!

Creating the design is simple; you can make any design you want. Follow the tutorial, and the result will be incredibly durable pavers that are pretty, too.

This is an easy concrete statue to make. You’ll just need a couple of basic tools and some stockings.

Jazz the owl up with some paint to brighten it up.

You’ll want an up-close look at this adorable little cement caterpillar.

It was such a clever idea to use it as a garden marker! Hop on over to Lemon Thistle for the easy DIY tutorial.

Finally, give the birds a drink and some water to bathe with a homemade cement bird bath.

Cement is the perfect material because it will last forever and it is safe to use. Sit on your porch and delight as you watch the little birds flutter happily in their water.

So grab your supplies and start making any one of these cool projects!

For extra help with working with concrete check out my guide on working with sealers and great tips from this cement techniques article.

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4 different unique yard decor pieces made with concrete.

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