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29 Free Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

Here are 29 sugar skull coloring pages for both kids and adults.

Coloring is an excellent way for adults to relax and relieve stress. And these free and unique sugar skull coloring sheets are suitable for both older children and adults.

What are sugar skulls? The history of sugar skulls comes from the Mexican holiday called Día de los Muertos, which takes place on November 1 and 2nd.

3 intricately design illustrations of sugar skulls from coloring pages below.

In Mexican culture, loved ones who have passed are honored on this day.

They will use a mold in a skull shape and fill it with sugar and meringue using symbolic colors. Learn what the different color schemes mean at the bottom of the post.

These will be placed on the graves or altars of loved ones to honor them and help them along their spiritual journey.

Scroll through the images below to find your favorite sugar skull coloring pages to print or download now.

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A detailed skull with intricate lines and details ready to bring to life with color.

A realistic sugar skull with roses full of details and lines.

A gorgeous skull covered with rose buns and fun designs.

A classic skull head filled with flowers and lots of texture.

A beautiful skull with a crown of roses ready to be brought to life.

A skull with a cross on the forehead. Get ready to bring out all the pretty flowers and vines in this lovely design.

Check out this beautiful page with gorgeous detailing of mushrooms and leaves in the background.

A beautiful skull and cross Mexican sugar skull with a butterfly and flowers.

Detailed Sugar Skulls Coloring Sheets

This is a perfect style to add your favorite coloring to.

A relaxing way to unwind and de-stress, like he’s doing with his margarita.

Create instant artwork by framing this finished head.

A sugar skull with an acoustic guitar in the background. The intricate zentangle lines and detail in this man are just gorgeous!

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Mexican Sugar Skull Masks

Add your favorite colors to a mask.

This beautiful female skull is super easy to color with just a few details. Cut out to play with on Halloween.

A classic Mexican mask that makes a statement.

Funny Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

A sugar skull laughing out loud.

A funny sugar skull wearing a sombrero hat.

This unique man has an ornate mustache making it a really unique design.

Have you ever seen a skull with a beard? Here is one for you!

Scary Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

An especially creepy-looking sugar skull face. Don’t let the flowers fool you.

This mean guy must have had a bad day!

General Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls to Color

A beautiful paisley-like background makes a perfect design.

This detailed skull has a cross on its forehead with other amazing designs.

Many types of flowers cover the face of the skull for this page.

Lovely flowers and a flaming background make up this page.

A sugar skull with a mustache and flowers makes a super cool design.

This traditional design has tons of intricate details that will make for a great piece of art.

A pretty sugar skull with flowers and a detailed background.

A fun classic Day of the Dead skull with a Mandala background.

An interesting skull with diamond eyes and a cross on his head.

–Some other fun pages to color you might enjoy are ones for the video game Among Us, the Avengers and Godzilla.

These brightly colored skulls have a symbolic color scheme, as each color has its own meaning. 

  • Red: Blood
  • Orange: Sunshine
  • Yellow: Mexican marigold (a symbol of death)
  • Purple: Pain 
  • Pink: Hope
  • White: Purity
  • Black: Land of the Dead

Sugar skull art has become popular. You may have even seen many tattoos of this symbol!

Also, you can make your own sugar skulls craft project using blank ceramic skulls purchased from the craft store.

They also sell kits that include paint and embellishments.

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