Wine Cork Grape Ornament

Wine Cork Grape Bunch Ornament

Make a simple wine cork grape ornament- a cute bunch of grapes to hang on your Christmas tree.

I love the idea of using natural and re-purposed materials to adorn a tree. This wine cork grape ornament is nice and unique. You can paint the ends of the cork in any color, experiment a little. See below for the quick tutorial. For another great wine cork ornament tutorial, check out my Wine Cork Planter Ornaments.

 Difficulty level- Easy


  • 11 wine corks
  • hot glue sticks
  • acrylic paint- purple and red
  • Organza ribbon- green
  • Head pin or Eye pin (trimmed shorter)
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Wine Cork Grape Bunch Ornament Tutorial Steps

Step 1-4 | Glue The Wine Corks Together:

diagram for gluing the cork pieces

Step 1:

Follow the diagram and begin by gluing from the bottom of the grape bunch. Glue wine corks #1 and #2 together and then separately, glue corks #3 to #4.

Step 2:

Now glue the first set of corks (#1 and #2) to the second set of corks (#3 and #4) to make a T shape, but rotate corks 1 & 2 at an angle for a more natural look.

Step 3:

Next, glue cork #’s 5, 6, 7 to each other, then glue those to #3 and #4.

Step 4:

Finally, repeat step 3  for wine cork #’s 8, 9, 10, 11.

cork grape bunch ornament DIY

Step 5 & 6 | Paint And Decorate:

Paint the ends. I mixed a little red with purple to get the nice wine color. Now sprinkle just a tiny amount of glitter to the ends while paint is still wet.

Step 7 | Add The Hanger:

Looped ribbon

Add a ribbon to the grape bunch for hanging. Cut a piece of ribbon about 14” long and then make a loop and where it meets in the middle, be sure to leave a couple of inches so you can curl the ends.  Now add glue where your pieces meet, then glue that to the top, center of the grape bunch.

Step 8 | Add The Curly Q To The Wine Cork Grape Ornament:

With the remaining couple of inches, curl the ends with scissors by holding the ribbon between your thumb and the sharp side of the scissors and scrape the ribbon against the edge.

Last Step | Fasten The Ribbon:

curled ribbon and eye pin

Double secure the ribbon so it will hang without coming loose by pressing a head pin through the glued part of the ribbon. If you have resistance, twist it gently as you push in.