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Free Trippy Coloring Pages For Adults

17 free printable trippy coloring pages for adults! These unique pages are such a fun way to get a little color therapy while also helping to reduce stress and relax.

The psychedelic movement took place in the 60s and 70s, and the art and design were immersed in many hypnotizing patterns, wonky lines, and geometric shapes.

A sense of imagination was certainly abundant. The hippie era was a time of exploration in psychedelic experiences which often involved visuals of distorted, surreal, colorful images.

And since everything was pushed to the boundaries, it makes the perfect subject for adult coloring books. 

And what a great way to take a ‘trip’ down memory lane if you’re of the age to remember the times.

Unfortunately, I missed it by about a decade, but it is now and has always been my absolute favorite era.

Most of these free adult coloring sheets have plenty of detailed lines, and so will work best if you use coloring pencils or alcohol markers.

Choose your favorite coloring page below to get started.

For other coloring pages, take a look at our sugar skulls and plants and garden pages. And the dragons, and zombies on our coloring site, Artsy Pretty Colors.

Free Printable Trippy Coloring Pages

A psychedelic fairy is wearing a dress with different repetitive patterns.

An inspirational quote about peace, written among psychedelic patterns.

Hippie music is definitely playing from this guitar.

Trippy Alice in Wonderland-like coloring page of a white rabbit with a psychedelic background.

Teacups with intricate patterns were popular during the 60s. This coloring page has a teacup, flowers, and butterflies.

Did you know that tea cup pigs will grow 14-20″ big? But they can weigh as much as 200 pounds!

An adorable cat in a beautiful teacup with paisley designs.

Art nouveau style with a woman, plants, and flowers.

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Sunshine on top of a black hole effect. If you feel like being bold, color each decorative element a different, trippy color.

Line art drawing of flowers against a background of psychedelic effects. The background would be fun to use bright colors.

Groovy, psychedelic mushrooms with easy outlines.

Mushroom houses were popular in the groovy ‘60s. This one has abstract patterns and wavy gravy lines in the background.

Coloring a mushroom is fun, but you can also learn how to draw a mushroom in this tutorial.

A trippy mushroom with zentangle patterns.

Check it out! We have a whole post dedicated to coloring mushrooms.

A psychedelic woman in a zentangle style, with different repetitive patterns.

A gorgeous detailed tree of life drawing.

An intricate dreamcatcher with a koala bear in the center.

Moon designs were popular during the hippie movement.

Like this elephant, spirit animals are often depicted in stoner coloring book pages.

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