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19 Best Free Gardening Coloring Pages

Free gardening coloring pages for you to print!

Choose from among 19 different images of gardens, kids gardening, vegetables and flower illustrations. There’s even gnome gardens!

Gardening is one of the best activities for taking your mind off stress.

It’s also a great way to teach kids about plants and nature. And it can teach then about the types of gardens they can grow and the tools used for gardening. 

According to PBS, gardening is great for kids’ brains, bodies, and souls. How so?

It’s great for their brains because they’ll learn about soil nutrients, plant growth, and how many days before they need watering. 

It’s good for their bodies because they’ll learn about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. They’ll also gain benefits of physical activity, soaking up vitamin D from the sun and getting some fresh air.

Gardening is good for the soul because it gives kids a sense of purpose and responsibility. It can also be very meditative, and mood improving.

For later, check out our other coloring pages including the flower coloring sheets and plants coloring pages. And our very popular cat unicorns!

Gardening Coloring Pages PDFs

A boy and girl teaming together to plant a tree in the garden.

A boy waters a plant in the garden.

Carrots are perfect for vegetable gardening.

A little gardener planting a flower in the garden.

A young girl rakes leaves in a garden.

A watering can makes the perfect rustic vase for garden flowers.

Tools for gardening, a shovel and a hoe.

A rake, clippers and seeds for using in the garden.

Flowers planted for a spring garden that can be picked for Mother’s Day.

They also have an Easter feel. You can go here for a whole bunch of Easter pages to color.

A flower garden for growing your favorite annuals and perennials.

An adorable gnome garden complete with flowers, butterflies and a tweety bird.

Don’t forget to water the seeds so they can grow into nice veggies and fruits.

A young girl waters the plants in her container gardens.

A gnome at home in his beautiful garden.

A happy couple gardening together.

This onion was grown in a vegetable garden.

Vegetable gardens allow you to grow all types of vegetables. This wheelbarrow is full of every type of yummy home-grown veggie.

Rain boots are the perfect attire for working in the garden.

This butterfly is bringing water to the flowers in her secret garden.

A woman teaches a young boy about container gardening.

A young lady tends to the flowers in her garden.

A little girl is watering the vegetables in her family’s garden, using a watering can. They have lettuce, carrots and onions.

A teen girl plants her beautiful plants into the ground to watch them grow.

Grandma is wearing a great big sun hat. She is bringing her new seedlings that are currently potted in a planter, outside to be planted in soil.

This little girl is so excited to help with gardening tasks. A cute ladybug watches.

This young boy loves to water the flowers and watch them grow.

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

Don’t forget to Pin it for later!

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    1. Hi Ranae,

      This makes me very happy to hear! I love that your 3 year old gardens with you. I wish I had a gardening pal. Check back within 2-4 weeks, I plan to add some printable pdfs specifically for getting kids excited about gardening, fun activities, observing, etc.!