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Free Coloring Pages of Mushrooms (Kids & Adults)

Are you a mushroom lover? Then you’ll love these 22 coloring pages of mushrooms that I created for you.

These free coloring pages of mushrooms are for adults and kids of all ages and capture just a bit of that variety. 

From large mushrooms to wild mushrooms, to funny mushrooms to mushrooms that look straight out of fairy tales.

The illustrations on these cute mushroom coloring sheets are a great way to see these unique organisms in a new light.

A mushroom coloring page line drawing of a cute frog sitting under two mushrooms.

These coloring pages can also be a great way for kids to explore the fungi world, learn about different mushroom types, practice their fine motor skills, and expand their creativity.

At the bottom of the post, we have a fun list of amazing mushroom facts for you to check out.

And don’t worry if you’re an adult. If you need a fun way to relax and decompress after a long week, or if you just love coloring, then these mushroom pictures are for you to color too!

No matter your experience, these are perfect for all skill levels. We made sure to include mushroom drawings that are simple, and ones with extra details.  

Printable Coloring Pages of Mushrooms

Grab your favorite coloring tools and get to it!

Ready to get started? Take a look below to find your favorite pages and download the PDF files for free!

These are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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A little frog with its tongue sticking out sits under some mushrooms to stay out of the sun.

A snail climbs the side of a mushroom house while a bee flies over.

A snail looks over the side of the mushroom into the grass.

A line drawing of two mushrooms with spots.

A sweet frog looks up at the lovely mushroom house.

This unique mushroom page has a dead log with mushrooms growing out from ends. Butterflies are flying above it.

A tall trippy mushroom grows among tall blades of grass with diamonds in the sky.

We have more trippy mushrooms to color with these psychedelic coloring pages.

A simple drawing of two mushrooms with fun details.

A floral mandala design inside a mushroom.

For lots more mandala designs, check out our coloring pages of sugar skulls.

A frog hangs out under a mushroom waiting for insects to come by to snack on.

A trio of connected mushrooms of a particular variety.

Some mushrooms only grow from dead wood. Others only grow from the grass. These are grass mushrooms.

A basic drawing for fun and easy shroom coloring.

A silly mushroom sticks its tongue out.

A frog on a toadstool is a classic coloring book theme. This one is adorable.

Mushrooms on a mound of grass. They are a species with spots on top. Amanita maybe?

A decorative mushroom house with a mushroom growing in front.

An easy mushroom to color, with simple outlines.

Many mushrooms to color in a watercolor style look.

A bee buzzes around two mushrooms to inspect them while checking out the flowers below to see if there is any nectar.

These trippy mushrooms have many intricate designs and patterns of flowers and paisley.

Check this post out for over 40 coloring sheets of flowers!

A sheet showing a variety of mushrooms you can buy from the grocery store.

I see a morel mushroom, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms and other yummy wild mushrooms.

Fun Facts About Mushrooms

  • Fungi are the largest life forms on earth. Fungal mycelium can grow and expand for miles under the ground.

    The world’s largest fungus is a honey mushroom in the Malheur National Forest, Oregon. And it’s 2.4 miles wide!
  • Some species of mushrooms glow in the dark. Scientists know of around 80 different species that do this.

    The bright colors are so intense they’re often called “electric mushrooms.”
  • The Death Cap Mushroom (Amanita phalloides) is one of the deadliest organisms on earth. Half a death cap mushroom contains enough amatoxin to kill an adult.
  • Mushrooms are the only produce source of vitamin D. Mushrooms can absorb vitamin D when exposed to UV light sources. 
  • Mushrooms are genetically closer to humans than they are to plants.
  • Mushrooms are actually the fruit of the fungus. Most of the fungus is underground or in the tree. What we see is the fungi when it “blooms.”
  • Mushrooms and trees have a symbiotic relationship. Trees talk to one another through the fungal networks that connect them. 
  • There are approximately 2,100 edible mushroom species in the world, but roughly 14,000 total species exist.

    So that’s a lot of inedible mushrooms out there! Only about 30 are grown or able to be grown for commercial use. 
  • Several species can digest plastic. Research is continuous, but this has a ton of potential for eliminating plastic waste. 
  • Lightning increases mushroom growth. The species that increased the most through artificial indirect lightning was the shiitake mushroom. 

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Mushroom coloring page of a line drawing of a snail on top of a mushroom, looking down at the grass.
Mushroom coloring page showing a line drawing of a mushroom house and a frog sitting below.

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