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27 Free Cactus Coloring Pages (Printable PDFs)

With all the love for the plants, it only makes sense that you may be looking for some cactus coloring pages.

After all, cactus plants are such interesting, unique, and amazing plants, coming in all shapes and sizes.

They can also be some of the easiest plants to maintain as they are highly adaptable and don’t need water often. 

A unique looking cactus with flowers blooming on it.

These unique cactus coloring pages are for adults and children of all ages, capture only a tiny variety out there, and are a great way to pass the time or relax, and coloring can be just as relaxing as growing plants. 

These coloring sheets are the perfect activity for kids to explore the world of cacti, learn about these prickly plants, practice their fine motor skills, and explore their creativity and color recognition with vibrant colors. 

At the bottom of the post, we even have a list of fun and fascinating cactus facts for you, so be sure to check them out!

Pair these interesting facts with these coloring pages, and you’ll have the perfect activity for kids. 

No matter your kid’s coloring experience, these are great for all skill levels and will provide hours of coloring fun. Some pages are simple, while others have many extra details for older children. 

A decorative planter with a cactus inside.

From mushrooms with animal friends to wild cacti to funny cactuses to cactus houseplants, these cute coloring pages of cactus are a fun way to see these fun plants in a new way. 

And don’t be shy if you’re an adult. These are for you too! Try coloring if you need something to decompress after a long day or week. 

Or even if you just love coloring, these cactus coloring sheets are for you to color too!

You can even test out using other mediums, such as watercolor paints or charcoal, if you want to make it a bit more challenging.

Free Cactus Coloring Pages 

Don’t hesitate to use all sorts of different colors since cacti are such unique plants that come in a wide variety of colors. 

Ready to get started? Look below for your favorite free printables, and download the PDF files for free!

A sweet kitten with colored patches smilies at its cactus in a pretty planter.

A looming saguaro cactus hovers in front of a skull in this desert scene.

A pretty prickly pear cactus has flowers in bloom.

For lots more flowers to color, take a look at our 40+ coloring sheets of flowers.

A trio of kawaii cacti sing together in their fancy pots.

A little dog is cautiously eyeing this mountain ball cactus, while a butterfly looks on amusingly.

These shelves are decorated nicely with many cactus plants in pots, another plant and a clock.

You can go to this post to color lots more plants of all kinds.

A friendly cactus waves to another cactus in the desert.

These cactus plants are in blank posts you can color and decorate in any way you’d like.

This kitty loves her cactus friend. She takes good care of her plant.

A saguaro cactus has such a unique shape, it should be a lot of fun to color.

Fun cactus plants with Kawaii faces.

A tweety bird flies overhead, singing to the cactus in a pot.

Intricate designs of cactus mandalas inside a saguaro cactus and I believe a senita cactus.

A set of indoor cactus plants sit arranged in front of a window.

Many types of cacti in a desert landscape.

A cactus makes a silly face and is wearing a cowboy hat.

Cute Japanese Kawaii pots with cacti in them.

Several types of cactus in a desert landscape.

There’s lots going on here. A cute porcupine sits in a cup and looks up at a cute prickly pear cactus. Several other types of cactus are in pots surrounding them.

Indoor plants in stylish pots sit on a shelf.

This cactus is potted in a very stylish pot. The cactus flowers are lovely. What color will you color them?

A big saguaro cactus in a pot in front of a window.

This cat is watching its hedgehog cactus grow flowers.

 Two cheerful looking cactus plants wait to be watered.

Here are two cacti potted in fun pots. They make a cute desktop decoration.

A flowering mountain ball cactus in a pot, on a table.

Mandala with beautiful flowers inside a cactus.

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A cute cat looking at a cats in a pot.

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