21 Easy DIY Planter Projects: To Get Ready for Spring!

Here are some inspiring, yet simple planters you can make – most with just a few simple materials.

Are you looking for some easy DIY planter projects that are easy?

I’ve chosen 21 planter tutorials of most can be done in less than an hour, and are kid-friendly as well. You may even have the supplies to make some of these hanging around your house.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects 4 different types of planters

There are so many items you can use to make planters. You can upcycle, repurpose, decorate or redecorate. The following planter projects fall into at least one of those categories. Enjoy!

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects painted planters

I am so in love with this easy DIY planter project. I tend to love modern and subtle. Mix that with some plants and what do you have? A dreamy planter! Take a look at the tutorial for making these at Jessica Welling Interiors.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using  paint

And how about these easy DIY planters from Shrimp Salad Circus. Aren’t they so pretty? I love the bohemian colors. The design is actually based off of an embroidery technique called sashiko. So neat!

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized cinder block planter

Oh so cheap and so easy! But what a difference it makes. Isn’t it amazing you can repurpose something not so attractive and turn it into something so nice? See how to make this cinder block planter at Our Crafty Mom.

Looking for another DIY cinder block planter project? Check out my vertical cinder block planter wall.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized faux concrete

A Blue Nest got creative and used a faux concrete technique to make this classic looking DIY planter. This is a great way to save money on those pricey classic pots.

For planters made with concrete or cement, you may want to check out these fun tutorials-
Cement Balloon Planter
Pink Planter
Homemade Succulent Planter

galvanized bucket herb box

Here’s a cool project. Grab a galvanized tin bucket and make this easy DIY planter box that doubles as a gift basket. You’ll find the tutorial at Shrimp Salad Circus.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized painted with daisies

And from my favorite era, a mod striped daisy planter. PMQ for two was no holds barred on decorating this one. Check out her tutorial for making a cheerful and unique-looking planter.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using hanging basket

Need a hanging basket for your porch? Take a look at this two-tiered planter. Hearth and Vine found a great way to make this at a very low cost!

tree stump succulent garden

Are you trying to figure out what to do with that ugly old tree trunk? How about this cool idea- a tree trunk succulent garden!

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized tin bucket

Here’s another easy DIY planter project using a galvanized bucket. This one is from Atta Girl Says and has a nice, soft and subtle look.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using wall hanging vintage

Here’s a fun indoor planter project. This is a unique way to hang your DIY pots. Don’t you think the vintage effect works perfectly with the turquoise pots? Head on over to H20 Bungalow to grab this tutorial.

East DIY Planter painted with suede effect

You’ll use a popcorn tin to make this easy DIY planter. Our Crafty Mom will show you how to make a tin container look like suede!

Easy DIY Planter using galvanized tin bucket

Our Crafty Mom used a vintage mop bucket to make this pretty DIY flower pot. It has the perfect New England feel.

Not in the mood to make your own? Check out some of these cute planters I found on Amazon!

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects painted planters

Plastic pots don’t need to be unsightly, you can spruce them up in a jiffy! Use Frog tape to add some geometric patterns to your DIY pots. Catch these at Rain On A Tin Roof.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized printed napkins design

Are you looking to make colorful planters? Check out Pillar Box Blue for instructions on making these upcycled DIY planters. The prints on these tin cans are actually napkins! 

21 Easy DIY using pots hanging on shutters

How about a Tuscan shutter garden? Take down those broken old shutters and give them a better life! A lovely repurposed item-turned DIY planter at Simple Nature Decor.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized tin bucket

Here’s a pretty way to display an herb garden. Use a galvanized bucket to plant your herbs this spring. Our Crafty Mom has the tutorial there.


Perhaps you are looking to add your house numbers to your porch. And what’s a better way to do that than to merge your numbers with plants? Find out how to make this creative DIY planter at Ideas For The Home By Kenarry.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using galvanized paint and rope

How about making a planter from a plastic bucket? That’s what Tag & Tibby Design did. Minimalism at its best! 

Easy DIY Planters painted modern planters

Utilize Dollar Store pots to make these beautiful, but easy modern indoor planters. Find out how at Jessica Welling Interiors.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects using pink tin can

Keeping it simple, yet classically pretty over at Exquisitely Unremarkable, are these cute tin planters.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects herb planter boxes

Look at these sweet stenciled planter/herb boxes. A rustic twist seems a perfect match for herbs, doesn’t it?  You’ll find the tutorial for these at Atta Girl Says.

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects wooden bowl

And finally, isn’t this one from Made In A Day a beauty? I also really love the combination of wood and leather, not to mention adding a plant to it! 

21 Easy DIY Planter Projects 4 different types of planters

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