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The Best Cement Mixes Outside The US (Concrete Crafts)

The best cement mix outside the US can be challenging to find. In the US and Canada, there are many options for concrete and cement mixes for DIY craft projects, especially for pre-made mixes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in many countries outside of North America.

Over the years, I have been asked over and over what the best mix is, and I’m happy to say I can now answer this question for many of you.

A spatula with a scoop of wet concrete mix slumping off of it.

I did a lot of research and I also decided to put out a call for help to my helpful blog reader friends from other countries to find out what mixes they use and like.

Hopefully, this information will help you find the right mix. You can jump right down to the list of the best mixes in outside the US here.

Keep in mind that I don’t have experience using any of these mixes, but the readers of this website do. I have done my best to get as many details as possible.

I received lots of detailed information for some mixes and have provided that.

For others, I needed specific details on brands, product names or links, and despite researching, I came up with many unknowns.

Additionally, I tried contacting some of the manufacturers to get specific details, but that may be because I don’t reside in that country. 

You may have an easier time connecting with them within your country. For the most part, contacting and getting product information from US manufacturers is easy and helpful.

Unfortunately, there are still some countries that still need cement mix recommendations.

Also, remember that every concrete craftsperson has their preferences in what type of mix they like, which may change depending on the projects they are working on. Not every mix is suitable for all projects.

I will update this page as I receive more detailed information on their favorite mixes. If it’s a big enough update, I will notify you in the email newsletter I send out most Saturdays.

By the way, if you live in the US or Canada and have stumbled upon this post searching for the best mix, then it’s this article I wrote comparing concrete mixes you want to read.

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And if you are a first-time reader and live outside the US or Canada, please help us out and leave a comment with details on your favorite mix!

The Best Cement Mixes Outside The US for Concrete Crafts

A bag of nice, fine cement mix inside of a bucket with a scoop inside.

Here are the countries I have received feedback for recommendations on the best concrete mixes. 

New Zealand
South Africa

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

Best Cement Mixes Australia

Mixes For Both Indoor And Outdoor Concrete Items

Davco Lanko 136 Rapid Patching Mortar: available at Bunnings
Note: More than one reader has mentioned they like this for the cement balloon planter, so this may be a mix similar to the Cement All I like to use.

Swan General Purpose Cement: (store unknown) If layering, add BondCrete Bondall 

Builder’s Cement and Sand: available at Bunnings

Cockburn General Purpose Cement: (store unknown)

White Mix For Making Indoor Concrete Decor Only

White portland cement: (brand name and store unknown)

Combine it with fine white sand (Ballina or Noosa). This is great for those who love their concrete to be very white.

Here are some excellent tips for mixing ratios:
Mix 3 parts cement to 1 part sand – then for the water, mix a 1:10 ratio of Bondcrete to water.

Any acrylic wood glue should suffice –but Bondcrete is the most recommended. 

The acrylic glue makes the mix creamier but it can be left out.

Be sure to let the concrete cure for a minimum of 24 hours.

You can also use Bondcrete as a sealer. When brushed on, it leaves a glossy, clear finish once it dries.

But if left in contact with water for long periods, it will return to the original white state until dry again.

If the Bondcrete is watered down into a 1:4 ratio (1 part Bondcrete to 4 parts water), it leaves a smooth matte finish. 

For more general, in-depth information on sealers, here is an article about sealing concrete.

Here’s a note from the lovely reader who provided this information, “I hope this information helps those Australians out there that are struggling to find the right mix ratio for beautiful white concrete.”

Graphic of the flag for the Bahamas.

A Good Mix In The Bahamas

For Both Indoor And Outdoor Concrete Items

Portland cement Type I/II: (store and brand unknown)

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

Recommended Cement Mixes For Canada

Mixes For Both Indoor And Outdoor Concrete Items

Cement All: Best choice, color is off-white, Home Depot

(the following is not necessarily in any particular order)

Buddy Rhodes: white, available at Sculpture Supply

Quikrete Sand Topping Mix: grey, Home Depot

Portland cement Type I/II: grey, Home Hardware, Home Depot

Quikrete Quick Setting Cement: grey, Home Hardware, Home Depot

Mix For Outdoor Concrete Items

Quikrete Water Stop: grey. This is for larger, free-form sculpting. Home Hardware, Home Depot

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

A Good Concrete Mix For Ireland

Mix For Both Indoor And Outdoor Concrete Items

Kilsaran Rapid Setting Concrete: available from Chadwicks and Brooks

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

Recommended Mixes In New Zealand

Outdoor Concrete Items

Drymix Quick-set Pre-mix Concrete: Mitre 10 Mega 

Cemix Masonry Mortar Mix Cemix: Bunnings 

Both Drymix and Cemix are easy to use and work very well.

Indoor Concrete Items

*Ultracal 30, Barnes 

*HydroStone, Barnes

**These are plaster-based products, which I do not have experience with.

I recommend thorough testing for durability since plaster is a paper-based product. 

Recommended advice if you wish to use this for outdoors: seal them before painting with water-based glue, then once the paint is dry, it will require sealing with either UV Resin – Hard (apply with a disposable brush.

Recoat once dry, or at least two coats of clear enamel, aerosol varnish.

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

South Africa Concrete Mixes

Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Items

LaFarge BuildCrete: (store and brand name unknown)

Natal Portland Cement: (store unknown)

Graphic of the flag for the country Australia.

Recommended Mix For Turkey

Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Items

Portland cement: (store and brand name unknown)

The recommended ratio is 1 cement: 2 sand, plus .5 perlite and a pinch of concrete fiber additive.

Graphic of the UK flag.

Best Cement Mixes In The UK

Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Items

Blue Circle Cement: Wickes, grey

Wickes Rapid Setting Mix: Wickes brand, available at Wickes

A hand scooping wet cement mix with a spatula from a large bin.

Again, remember that each concrete craftsperson will have their own experiences with mixes and personal preferences.

But hopefully, this list will give you a starting point for the best cement mix in your country to try first.

By the way, you may also want to read this article, which is loaded with tips on cement crafts techniques.

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photo of stacked concrete bowls with another photo below of wet cement mix. Text says "the best cement mix in your country".

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photo of stacked concrete bowls with another photo below of fine powder cement mix in a large bin. Text says "what's the best mix outside the US?".

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